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Archive for January 16th, 2011

Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 16 January, 2011

Sunday 16th January

Whoo, this New Year thing is soooo busy, I’s hardly had time to sleep at all – I’s had anuver busy weekend – “mummy Sue, weekend’s is for chillin’, what’s wrong wif you…”

Yesterday we know there woz something going on – mummy Sue got out of bed before 9am and they woz packing all stuff into the car – includin’ us!

“Where’re we goin’ mummy Sue?”

“Back to the land of my fathers’ she sez…….

I’s got no idea where that it is, but we’s goin’ to get our pet passports on Monday. Uh oh, we woz going to the land of her fathers on Saturday – “Mummy Sue, are you sure they’ll let us come home coz we qwite likes home…..” Phew, Mummy Sue sez that we don’t need passports for Wales – ooh whales, they’re reely big, can we eat them? “No, WALES” sed mummy Sue “you don’t need a passport because you’re a bit welsh now because I’ve adopted you”. Ah that’s nice, I likes being adopted, but does I like being a bit Welsh? Wot do you fink?

We drove an’ drove an’ it rained and rained – it woz qwite boring tho we had all of our duvets in the car so we woz comfy at least. We went over a big bridge thingy and mummy Sue sed “we’re in Wales now” – Ty got up and looked out of the window coz he needed to check whether or not he needed to be scared of Wales!

Lou an' Ty woz too tired to eat all of their dinner so I had a little look in their bowls - ev'ryone knows that what's in their bowl is better than wot's in mine - oh I know mummy Sue sez they're the same....

After ages and ages we gots to a place in the middle of nowhere – Ty jumped in an’ out of the car coz he had to decide whether to be scared of the new place. But there wozn’t any hairy planes, or cars, or funny noises so he had a rummage and a wee – result!

Then mummy Sue and daddy Richard carried loads of stuff from the car – Mummy Sue sez she’s never ever going to laugh again at her friends who carry the whole house with them when travellin’ with their babies – the car woz mainly full of greyhound stuff – can’t see anyfink wrong wif that meself. Then when they were ready they invited us inside and we found our own little greyhound cottidge –  it had our duvets an’ our blankets an’ our coats an’ our water bowl an’ our food bowls an’ our food an’ our chewsticks – it was loverly! It had a BIG bed, but that woz for mummy Sue an’ daddy Richard – shame!

Mummy Sue had to go off to see her mummy so daddy Richard took us for a long walk – it woz so hexciting – we’s never bin here before and there woz lots of new stuff to be sniffed and wee’d on. Ty woz so happy – there woz trees an’ a river an’ a teensy narrow bridge over a fierce waterfall an’ a stile wot daddy Richard had to lift us over – Lou made a big fuss but daddy Richard woz relieved that none of us fell off the bridge into the river. We had a long long walk right up to the top of a big hill an when we got back to our little cottidge I woz almost too tired to eat  but I managed……

We woz so tired we settled down for a big sleep and didn’t even mind when mummy Sue an’ daddy Richard went out for a few hours. They went to mummy Sue’s cousin Denise’s birfday party – cor, is so hard to keep track of fings in Wales coz they’s always goin’ on about their cousin’s mufer-in-law’s sister’s son an’ whatnot. Mummy Sue and daddy Richard wozn’t gone for long – they woz worried that we may spend the evenin’ causin’ mayhem an’ chaos but we woz far too hexhausted for that caper. We got some sosidges for being such good houndies and we’s all settled down – it woz so quiet and so dark – no need for us to wake mummy Sue to tell her about foxes in the garden tho Lou did ask for some more dinner, or woz it breakfast, at 4am. It woz good, coz I woz a bit peckish by then as well….

We snoozed an’ snoozed on Sunday mornin’ – it woz oh so quiet until daddy Richard suddenly sprung up and said “It’s 9am we’ll miss breakfast!” – wot, miss breakfast? WOT no spare sosidges for us? Well, me, Lou an’ Ty got on their case an’ started dancin’ round our cottidge so mummy Sue and daddy Ricahrd would get dressed super-quick. Phew, they made it and they brought us four spare sosidges – it’s not much, when you fink about it – now four sosidges for me, well, that’s fair but one and one-third sosidges each is not nearly half enuff.

But we couldn’t eat too much coz we had some rummagin’ to do – we went down to the woods again – over the bridge and the stile and into the trees. Ty went native – he woz so so happy runnin’ around wif his tail up and rushin’ up to trees an’ poking his head into old tree trunks and jumpin over fallen branches – he woz sniffin’ an’ weeing like a proper dog. Ty likes Wales big time – he woz even picking up the lingo –

“Yo bruv” I sez,

“shwmai” he sez,

“yer wot?” I sez,

“SELSIG” he sez,

“yer wot” I sez

I can’t unnerstand a word he’s sayin’ – we’s got to get him home so he can speak proper english like wot I does.

We woz very snug in our speshal greyhound cottidge tho Lou had to practice her 'devil eyes' so we could take over the spaniel's house later....

Lou woz rummaging like a puppy too – she woz reely lively so mummy Sue an’ daddy Richard woz reely happy. I’s just plodded along an’ had a quiet rummage coz I doesn’t like wastin’ my henergy – there woz no wabbits, sqwuirrels, deers or sheeps for me to chase. No sheeps – I thought Wales woz full of sheeps!

When we got back from our walk, mummy Sue an’ daddy Richard started to pack the car – oh no, Ty wanted to stay in Wales forever – he kept runnin’ back into our loverly cottidge. It would have been nice to have a sleep, but we had to go to see mummy Sue’s cousin. Woz ok – they got a big house. but there woz two dogs there already – Guto the annoying spaniel an’ Choccie the labrador – she’s going to be a mummy labrador soon.

We woz a bit worried coz it woz their house, but we soon took over – Lou took over the bit under the table an’ she let Guto and Choccie know that it was HER house wif little growls; Ty moved into Guto’s bed then spread out over Choccie’s bed and I took care of the humans. I woz doin’ me best ‘poor waif’ act – I woz going from human to human, puttin’ me head in their laps and turnin’ me big soulful eye on them and the toast wot they woz eatin’. I woz also bein’ helpful by looking at the top of the table – in case sumfink fell off it and needed picking up off the floor. I gots LOTS of fuss but cousin Denise wouldn’t let me have her toast – she’s so tough! Cousin Wyn gave daddy Richard some proper lamb chops from his father’s sheep farm and do you know wot he said, do yo? He sed “don’t put these in the car where the dogs can reach them” – can you believe it – the bestest lamb chops were for the humans! So I’s had no sheeps to chase and no sheeps to eat – honestly, wot is the point of coming to Wales….

We’d had an hexciting time so we woz all ready for a long sleep in the car but we stopped after an hour and mummy Sue took us for another walk – ooh ooh ooh a new place – me an’ Lou laid claim to it – I wee’d and Lou barked at some local dogs – sorted! But Ty woz scared of this bit of Wales, well, it woz by the M4, wotever that woz is.

Well, we’s done more than enuff walking so we told mummy Sue to just get on wif it and drive us home – it took ages which woz a shame co we woz starvin’ – reely! But then we got home and we’s had a BIG dinner and we’s all found our favrit duvets – I hopes we stays at home next weekend – I needs my beauty sleeps…..

Note from Sue:

We stayed at a truly lovely dog-friendly ‘hotel’ called the Mill at Glynhir – our room was a little building with its own porch and front door, with plenty of floor space for the hounds to stretch out – perfect!

But we musn’t forget Cwm Ban Fawr the lovely B & B where Blue’s brother lives together with human pack Sara and Alan and dog pack Lindy! We couldn’t stay there this time because we needed to be closer to Ammanford and there was a distinct possibility that we’d never had got round to our relatives if we’d got chatting greyhounds to Sara and Alan!

The photos are a bit grainy because they were taken on Richard’s phone – we’re cursing that we forgot the camera but then again, it rained constantly so  we may not have taken many photos anyway – but we’d have liked to have got a shot of Ty – he was so happy here.

And finally, Happy X0th birthday to my cousin Denise, whose party we enjoyed on Saturday!

Home sweet home, tho you'll notice that we has to share a duvet for eating our pig's ears, well, we don't HAVE to but I wanted that duvet and Ty got it first, so I sat on him!

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