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Archive for January 23rd, 2011

Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 23 January, 2011

Sunday 23rd January

Mummy Sue sez it’s not worth blogging this week because it’s been a very boring week and we haven’t done anything. Are you kidding, Auntie Sue, we’s done lots, in fact, it’s been action-packed…….if you’re a dog. Dur, these humans have some funny ideas!

As you know, we’s had a busy weekend in Wales so we needed some serious snoozing on Monday – Lou didn’t get out of bed until 2pm! Ty wozn’t much better tho’ he did have a little patrol round the garden wif me – can’t have all the critters thinkin’ we’s too tired to sort them out – they might start sniggerin’ and that’s reeely annoying. Altho I woz reely tired, I had to work a bit on Monday – Lou an’ Ty woz sleepin’s upstairs so I had to stay downstairs to keep Mummy Sue company. Ok, so I kept her company by lyin’ on my side wif my eyes closed but is a hard job and someone’s got to do it!

I’s confoosed about passports – we’s don’t need passports for wales coz wes a bit welsh, but we’s a bit polish too becoz Daddy Richard adopted us, but we need passports for Poland. So on Monday, Mummy Sue woke Lou and Ty up in the afternoon and we all got dragged to the vet for a rabies injection. Uh, did you say INJECTION, mummy Sue? Mummy Sue woz expecting bit greyhound death screams but we woz all ever so brave and didn’t even whimper. My vet is blonde and very pretty – I fink she fancies me, she’s always trying to give me a fuss and sez “aaaw Lynx” but I’s playin’ hard to get in case mummy Sue gets jellus.

Talking about pretty blondes, Lou havin’ physiotherapy wif anuver nice lady. I’s reelly jellus coz Lou gets to go in the car and she sez that the physio wraps her in hot blankets and gives her big massages wot feels like fuss for a whole hour, and she gets liver cake – just for touching her nose to her knee. Huh, I can do that easy but I don’t get liver cake! I’s got to watch out coz Lou’s physio is keepin’ her fit and I have to run extra fast so she doesn’t nip me bum when we’s chargin’ about. Ooh, we had haggis for our tea on Wednesday – yum yum!

Ooh, talking about chargin’ about, we’s had an eventful walk on Wednesday. Mummy Sue took us to our favrit woodland walk but when she parked the car there woz this funny hissing/bubblin’ noise, like when Ty’s trying to slip a quiet fart so no-one notices. But it woz the tyre – it woz leekin’ – “uh oh”, I thought, “that’s the end of our rummage” but she sed she’d fix it after we had our walk -phew! So hoff we went – me an’ Lou woz having a good rummage then Mummy Sue thought Ty could come off the lead for a rummage too – we woz all havin’ a good time when there was this ‘flump’ noise – I wozn’t bothered, nor woz Lou – it woz clay pigeon shooters a long way off and we’s not clay pigeons so that’s ok. But Ty, well, he don’t know wot he is, so he ran off – Mummy Sue woz yellin and yellin so Ty came back but just as she woz gettin’ hold of him he heard anover ‘flump’and off he went full speed back towards the car. Mummy Sue woz afraid he wouldn’t stop and would run off to the road, so she wobbled and wheezed off after him and Me and Lou ran round her in circles – it woz a great game! Ty stopped by the car and mummy Sue let him inside -that woz the end of his walk! But me an’ Lou woz full of beans so off we went again.

When we got back to the car I though I woz goin to drive us home coz mummy Sue put me in the front seat – I fink it might be good fun to drive a car then I could take Lou and Ty for adventures all over the place. But then mummy Sue woz muttering an’ started getting stuff out of the boot. I got a bit bored and then a bit uncomfortable coz the gear stick woz getting a bit pers’nal, if you know wot I mean.

Mummy Sue half fixed the tyre then daddy Richard came and fixed it all the way so we could get home – wot a busy day!

But that wozn’t the half of it. On Thursday I had to help mummy Sue get a new tyre – Lou an’ Ty wozn’t interested – they woz back in bed. We had to wait an’ wait an’ wait at the tyre place but Mummy Sue took my sheepskin to I could have a nice lie-down in the waitin’ room. I’s not sure who woz the most bored – Mummy Sue sez that I woz lucky coz I had my bed and my brain wozn’t being turned to cheese by celebrity mags! Then afterwards we had to go to dog trainin’ – mummy Sue, I’s so hexhausted, do I have to? But she got that look in her eye, so me an’ Ty got dragged off to dog trainin’. Ty just did leanin’ and cuddlin’ the boss lady – mummy Sue sez it’s enough for him just to practice not bein’ at home. I had to work – I done walk to heel – round an’ round – then I done a recall – then the boss lady sed I woz “switched off” and I got lie down on me sheepskin for the rest of the class. Mummy Sue’s startin to say that maybe I should be in the puppy beginner’s class, but I’s got my pride – is beneath me dignity to be wif the puppes – after all, I’s got 3 rosettes and a certificate -so is best for me to be in the advanced class, so long as I don’t actually have to do anything advanced, of course…….

On Friday I had to help mummy Sue wif her tyres again – but this time she made me walk up the hill from the tyre place to the vet. I’s plodded up the hill, the pavement woz hard so I’s started to limp an’ I gots lots of sympafy. Then I pretended to be afraid of the cars and asked mummy Sue if I could walk on the other side of the pavement – “poor Lynx” she sez and swaps me over. Har har, now I could look over the garden walls – sometimes cats play hide ‘n seek behind garden walls – is no game if someone doesn’t seek them! It wozn’t so much fun today tho – there wozn’t any cats and mummy Sue rumbled me and kept me on a reely close lead – spoilsport!

It woz only about 100 yeards to the vet but wot wif me limpin’ and watchin’ for cats an’ stopping to wee it took about 20 minutes to get there an’ mummy Sue woz looking a bit grumpy. But woz ok, my favrit blonde woz on duty and I got lot of sympafy -the vet came out to see my limp coz I woz quiet lame by the time I got there. I showed her my best greyhound gait – I woz boucing around wif me tail up – I don’t want the nice vet to think I’s lame. Mummy Sue woz muttering a bit – can’t fink why. Then we went back to the tye place an’ waited an’ waited an’ waited – the tyre men woz amazed – they’s never ever seen such a well-behaved dog – but I woz too hexhausted to cause a commotion and I did have my nice sheepskin to snooze on. Mummy Sue looked a bit serious when she paid the bill – she didn’t just need one tyre – she needed two an’ she got 2 snow tyres as well. I heard her muttering “£350 – aaargh!”

When we got home she had a chat wif me an’ Lou an’ Ty about rationing our treats and maybe not eatin’ quite so many piggy lugs……

Well, we woz worried hounds when we went to bed on Friday but on Saturday daddy Richard went to Pets at Home and filled the whole boot of his car with lushus stuff so we’s ok after all. Oooh, and mummy Sue found some just out of date sosidges in the fridge so she cooked them for our tea. So we’s not on rations after all; with that worry gone we woz able to settle down to a proper snoozy weekend at home….

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