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Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 6 February, 2011

Sunday 6th February

Well, it’s bin a very hard week – all I wants to do is my job – keeping mummy Sue company – but she keeps sneakin’ out and leavin’ me – wot’s that all about, eh? Oh sure, she’s leavin’ me with Lou and Ty for comp’ny, an’ lots of comfy beds, tasty chew sticks, bowls of food in case I gets hungry and bowls of water in case I gets thirsty, but wot sort of life is that for a hound?

We woz qwite tired after our day at Nanny Renia’s last weekend so we woz qwite looking forward to relaxing at home all week. But we woz off to a bad start when Mummy Sue dragged us out on a long walk on Monday – it woz a new place (Bletchingley) wot had never been wee’d on by me before – fancy! Ty woz too scared to wee so I had to do it for two – how hexhausting! Mummy Sue walked and walked – she thought we’d like bein’ out in the countryside but Ty’d rather be in his bed and after the first 500 wee’s I’d had enough reelly; Lou had a nice time coz she got to bark at other dogs – Mummy Sue sez she’s got very bad manners, but Lou thinks it’s great fun to act all ferocious. I woz pleezed for Lou becoz she doesn’t come to dog training any more so she doesn’t get the same chance to hembarrass Mummy Sue as us boys….

On Tuesday we had to go an’ patrol the garden at Nanny Renia’s again. She’s got foxes and sqwirrels – we’s got to be on the lookout all day long. We had such a busy busy day, but Nanny Renia gives us big fusses an’ lots of food and she finks we’re the best behaved hounds ever – this makes mummy Sue very happy. Mummy Sue sez we got to take good care of Nanny Renia and must be very gentle and not push her over when we’s giving cuddles. It woz loverly but I didn’t hardly get to see Mummy Sue all day long and then daddy Richard went to dog training wif Ty – huh!

Mummy Sue sneaked out to do shopping on Wednesday – I s’pose that woz sort of ok coz she stocked up wif goodies at Pets at Home. Mummy Sue looked like she woz havin’ a reely borin’ day so Lou cut her foot in the garden so as to give her bit of hexcitement. I liked that, coz then me an Lou had a trip in the car to see my nice blonde vet. Lou almost had stitches, but her skin woz too thin, so Mummy Sue’s just got to bathe the wound and keep an eye on it.

Then Mummy Sue got a chest infection an’ she woz coffin and coffin all night long – shhhhhh Mummy Sue, I needs my beauty sleeps.

In never got a wink of sleeps so I doesn’t know why daddy Richard thought I should go to dog training. I thought it woz enuff just to turn up but they’s so unreasonable – I’s showed them that I can lie down….an’ lie down…’ sleeps – wot more duz they want? The boss lady sed that me an Ty has the the least spark of any greyhound she’s ever seen – wot? Greyhounds don’t do sparky – we just does the 7-dwarfs – you knows – sleepy, dopey, bashful, happy – well, ok, we’s not grumpy very often and we don’t do much sneezing and ‘doc’ is the vet who we sees, not us, but you gets the idea!

So that’s my week, which woz bad enuff, but my weekend woz terrible – Mummy Sue an’ Daddy Richard went out for the night on Friday to watch the rugby wif some friends. They went early and came home reelly reelly late and we woz so pleezed to see them; Mummy Sue didn’t look so pleezed when she got in – prob’ly becoz Wales woz rubbish in the rugby – nothing to do with the ginormous puddle of wee inside the front door…..

Well, it woz obvious to me that Mummy Sue don’t happreciate me enuff, so on Saturday I thought I’d just run around and cut my eyelid in the garden. Ooh wot a commotion – woz a big panic to get me to the vet before they went home. I woz ever so disappointed – my blonde vet woz having a day off – I thought she should be on call forever, just for me. My eye is ok – mummy Sue just needs to bathe the cut – like she has to bathe Lou’s foot – it’s not as if she’s got anyfink else to do wif her time 🙂

But even tho’ I woz bein’ a bit pitiful they still went out on Saturday night – without us – but it was a Greyhoundhomer quiz night – we should have bin there – it woz for the greyhounds! Mummy Sue sed it woz loverly to meet other greyhound mummies an’ daddies – they’s all mad for greyhounds which made mummy Sue feel qwuite normal. Mummy Sue didn’t look so pleezed when she got in – probably coz she’s so rubbish at quizzes – nothing to with needing a canoe to get through the lake of wee in the kitchen…. What’s wrong wif indoor boating?

THEN on Sunday they went out again! It wozn’t so bad – they went to Harlequins rugby and it woz only for the afternoon and Daddy Richard did take us for a big walk before they went out. Mummy Sue didn’t look so pleezed when she got in – definitely becoz the Cardiff Blues rugby team woz rubbish coz there wozn’t a puddle to be seen indoors!

I had a quiet word wif Mummy Sue coz I doesn’t like this social life she’s got WIFOUT US. She told me not to worry – she reckons she’s done more goin’ out in this weekend than she’d normally do in a year! But she sez we’s got a busy day coming up next Saturday so we’s all got to save our energies. I do hope she lets us have a good rest this week – she’s got no idea how hard it is for me to look after her…..

Note from Sue:

Next week we’re planning a trip down to Caen Hill – by car! BW are doing tours of the winter works so we thought we’d take a look – it’s always interesting to see ‘what lies beneath…’, as it were, and I’m hoping that a walk along the flight will be invigorating for both humans and hounds.We’re booked onto the 1pm tour on Saturday – hope we have a fair day – we’ve always enjoyed good weather on previous trips to the K & A!

If you fancy a tour then take this link to the details – Caen Hill Tour….

4 Responses to “Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary”

  1. Greygal said

    Oh dear Lynx, you are so hard done by! There’s a tear in our eye what with all these tales of greyhound abandonment and enforced training sessions…not what you signed up to at all, is it? Would you like to come and stay with us? The six of us, well, five really as Arthur’s legs don’t work any more, the five of us are planning a commando raid on the nearby Nestle Purina factory. Apparently, it’s a whole building devoted to doggy treats!! Mummy and daddy are visiting you soon so you can hitch a lift back with them.

    Your comrades in paws

    Susie, Monty, Ranger, Miffy, Sidney and Arthur

  2. indigodream said

    I’s got my little knapsack packed – I’s just need to get online an order a camouflage coat for the raid. Hope there’s room for me in your car – do you want to borrow mummy Sue’s roofbox?

    Yours in secret


  3. indigodream said

    Forwarded from Patrick the Greyhound’s parents….

    “Hello Greygal…………Patrick here…………confused of Essex . My mummy says commando is when people wear no knickers. Do you houndies wear knickers normally? “Pawsing for thought”………… “

  4. Sally's Mum said

    Hey Lynx, do what I do. I wait until Mum abandons me and then do all the things she tries to stop me from doing: eating any human food left out, finding interesting smelling stuff to take back to my bed and barking at all the neighbours that dare to go near their cars. Great fun but I’m always glad to see Mum again!

    Lots of licks,


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