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Boat Blog: A fine day at the marina…

Posted by indigodream on 9 February, 2011

No, Lynx, let go of the keyboard – it’s MY turn……

Wednesday 9th February

Now keep up – my cousin Paul, brother to cousin Denise, who has borrowed Indigo Dream in the past, is currently working as a locum audiologist. He’s based in West Wales, but is often employed in NHS hospitals all over the country, where he gets to stay with the nurses(!); but now he’s been offered a bit of work in Harley Street. Being a private establishment, it doesn’t come with accomodation so he’s staying on the boat for a few days – if he likes it there he may be back again next week.

Ooops, having made the grand offer of the boat, I then struggled to remember what state she was in when we last left her!

I went up to the marina this morning to get the boat ready and meet Paul for a briefing. It was a stunning morning – bright sunshine, blue sky and just a hint of warmth in the air – Limehouse Marina looked magnificent from every angle – even dingy old Commercial Road looked fresh! I was amazed at how high my spirits lifted just from the sight of Indigo Dream – when I’ve been land-bound for a few weeks I forget what a great tonic it is just to be on the water.

The boat looked pretty good – clean enough for a cousin, though possibly not for a mum!

For the log, I emptied the water tank and refilled it with fresh water today. I’ve resolved to flush the tank with Milton before we start the 2011 odyssey….

I suddenly realised that come May, we’ll have had Indigo Dream for 5 years – wow – it’s been great!

Of course, that reminded me of all those jobs that could have been done at 3 years but which we put off until the 5 year mark – like pulling her out of the water, checking out the blacking and re-applying or patching as required. If we could get it organised (precision timing not generally being a feature of waterways projects!) then we have a 3-week window in the summer where we’re not cruising and could get her out of the water for the work to be done. By then we’ll be somewhere in the East Midlands – exact location to be calculated, possibly on the Chesterfield Canal.

We also need to consider whether to replace the hose that takes the ordure from the loo to the tank under the back deck. I suspect that we’re getting close to the limit of the hose’s design life though we haven’t smelled any signs of deterioration as yet. It’s a daunting prospect –  it will mean taking the the kitchen units out….

So, has anyone had experience of any boatyards in the East Midlands, preferably ones that have the facilities for blacking a hull with 2-pack paint? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Blog Note: The existing coating is Hempel Hempadur Mastic 45889 on zinga, the only similar product we can find on their website is this one but with a reference of 45880 which probably comes in black. It needs to be ideally applied by airless spray. Their Inland Waterways Manual – click here – suggests using Hempadur 45143 but that needs 4 coats and only comes in red!!!

2 Responses to “Boat Blog: A fine day at the marina…”

  1. s/v Eolian said

    Don’t replace that loo hose with another hose. Instead, use the PVC pipe that is in your house – it will *never* need replacing.

    You will still need short lengths of hase between the pipe and the attachments at the ends, to provide vibration and mechanical isolation. But these ought to be much more accessible than the whole length of hose, when they need replacement.


  2. indigodream said

    Oooh what a good point. Once I get access, I think I have one 90 degree bend, one long straight run, then 2 more 90 degree bends with short lengths of pipe and a flexi at both ends. So very very easy plumbing compared to your boat but getting access is going to be tricky as I think we have to take our entire kitchen out.

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