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Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 14 February, 2011

Sunday 13th February

We's had to walk down this hill - you can't even see the bottom from here...

Well, I’s had qwite an hexcitin’ week coz mummy Sue didn’t do so much gallivantin’ so I could look after her prop’ly. We’s done walkies in the park coz is qwite springy outside wif birds tweetin’ an’ Lou barkin’…

I’s got new job on Tuesdays tho – I has to look after nanny Renia in her house – is a hinterestin’ job coz she needs protecting from all the foxes in her garden, and the sqwirrels, o course, they’re the worse….

Mummy Sue an’ Daddy Richard woz ever so pleezed coz Ty’s list of places that he likes is much bigger now – our house, our garden, nanny Renia’s house and her garden, the car, the nice pub in Seend. Oh course, his list of places he doesn’t like is like “everywhere else” but he didn’t like anywhere when he first moved in so that’s progress innit?

I’s got shockin news about my nice blonde vet tho’ – she’s a VAMPIRE!!!!!!

We all had to go to see her on Thursday for some tests for our passports – first she took Ty and went straight for his jugular; then she took Lou and she couldn’t find Lou’s jugular – phew, “lucky escape” I thought, but then the blooduscker went for Lou’s leg instead! Well, I woz last and I didn’t like wot woz happenin’ at all, not one little bit. Mary the nice vet receptionist tried to get me near the vet and I said “Nu-huh” an’ pulled back into the corner behind mummy Sue and NO WAY woz I moving, never ever. Mary pulled an’ pulled, so I pulled an’ pulled back – I’s not stupid – my vet’s a vampire!!!! So mummy Sue took my lead and I thought she woz taking me home so I followed her and guess wot, she led me right to where the vet woz standing – oooooooh, mummy Suuuueeee.

I made sure I give everyone my big hypno-death ray stare but they still tooks me blood. Mummy Sue sed it woz so that we could come to Poland wif her in the summer. If the blood test is ok we’ll have our passports and we can go on holeedaze all over the place wif mummy Sue and daddy Richard – they woz even talkin’ about going somewhere warm for the winter – that’s nice, tho’ I do qwuite like charging thru the snow….

I woz thinkin’ about not forgivin’ mummy Sue ever ever, but then she give me the best treat – she sed she woz too tired to take me to dog training so I got to spend the night on me own duvet in me own house wifout all them hexcitable border collies runnin around being enfusiastic.

Can we go now? I's had my briefin' from Lou so no need to listen to the man-person....

We had a BIG rest on Friday coz mummy Sue sed we had to save our energies for Saturday. I woz hexcited – on Saturday we gots to go in the car – it woz a long way an we got a bit bored. I kept sayin’ “are we there yet?” so that daddy Richard would drive faster and then mummy Sue would say “don’t you think that’s a bit fast for this road” – spoilsport!

Eventually we got to the place – is called Caen Hill. We woz there for a guided walk – mummy Sue an’ daddy Richard woz being guided by a man-person but Lou woz my guide coz she’s been here lots before. I did hear the man-person say it woz an hour’s walk down the hill then we’d have to march right up again. “Uh oh” I thought that’s a long way an’ Ty woz scared before we even started AND he’d hurt his leg chargin’ around the garden before we left. I woz half hopin’ we’d be left behind but no, they made us walk the whole way.

Lou woz a very good guide – she showed me where to get the best fusses – she’s got a fuss-radar – she knows hexactly what people to go up to an rub her face on. So once she woz in then I’d follow – there woz some very good ear-rubbers on the tour. Then Lou showed me where the wildlife woz – like ducks – I loves duck – roasted all crispy – yum yum. But one of her favourites ponds woz empty – that’s a surprise! Then she showed me a sqwirrel and a field where there woz wabbits. She sniffed all the best sniffs an’ wee’d in all the best places. Mummy Sue an’ daddy Richard didn’t seem very hintersted in any of what Lou woz showin’ me – I thought they should have paid more attention but they woz listenin’ to the borin’ man-person goin’ on ’bout hist’ry an stuff.

Altho’ it woz interestin’ I woz well tired by the time we gots to the bottom of the hill – I sighed and walked slowly then I sighed some more and walked even more slowly, I even tried to follow the nice lady who said “who’s for the minibus back up the hill”. But mummy Sue didn’t get the hint – she sed that Ty woz scared of the minibus an’ it woz such a nice day we should all walk back – so I sighed some more and trailed along behind her.

Lou lookin' for ducks - ooh, where did all the water go?

I thought we woz going’ back to our duvets then but mummy Sue an’ daddy Richard took us to their favrit pub. Now I’s been to the pub before and Lou’s practically a pub dog, but Ty’s never been inside a pub before. It was luverly – there woz a nice warm fire an’ mummy Sue put our comfy sheepskins on the floor so I lay down an’ toasted my belly. Ty liked it too, coz after a little while he lay down as well – oh course, Lou was laid down practic’ly as soon as were through the door! I likes pubs – mummy Sue and daddy Richard always gets us sausages – only one each, which woz a bit mean considerin’ all the walking we done but we did get some bread ‘n butter as well so that woz ok.We woz stretched out all contented when suddenly this mad spaniel came runnin’ in at top speed – he’d hescaped from the pub garden – me an Ty jumped up and looked at him so he scarpered pretty quick. Lucky Lou woz behind the table – the mad spaniel would have been reely scared if she’d looked at him!

We woz so tired after all this activity that we slept all the way home then we slept some more – mummy Sue went to bed at 7.30pm – wot?????!

On Sunday it wozn’t fair at all – I wanted to go out in the car but mummy Sue wouldn’t let me; Ty didn’t want to go in the car so mummy Sue hinsisted that he went – huh! Turns out that Ty woz still hoppin’ on 3 legs – the vet sez he’s got a hinfection in his hock, which is like a human heel, he is a medical myst’ry – no idea how he got a hinfection. He had a hurty injection and had to do greyhound death screams wot everyone could hear right through Pets at Home. Ty’s a bit baldy too so he’s got to have tests for that – they started by scraping some of his skin off! I woz well miffed that he got a trip in the car, but maybe I woz more lucky so stay at home.

Ty’s got to rest ’til his leg’s better so me an Lou might get to walk in all the places that he thinks are too scary so it might be a hexciting next week as well. Mummy Sue sez that Greygal is coming to visit next weekend so we’s got to get ready for a big expert fussing – d’oh mummy Sue, we’s ALWAYS ready for a big fuss…..

What walk all the way UP the hill - where's that minibus?

Me toastin' my belly by the fire - woz nice...

Lou looking for more sausages....

Me an' Ty - see how relazed Ty is - he qwuite likes the pub whixh is a big thing - he don't like many places...

Oh no, I's so tired me head's been attacked by the evil sheepskin - help!!

Poor old Ty - he might not be well but at least he's comfy...

Ooh that's better, I's got me head back and I's got the pillow pacified...

Lou knows how to get comfy too - see how daddy Richard's painted the wall behind her bed - that caused a commotion - we had to move our beds!

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