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Archive for March 30th, 2011

Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 30 March, 2011

Monday 28th March

Four has a hadventure.....

Mummy Sue sez that maybe I’s not appreciatin’ the good life enuff, but I thinks that she duzn’t happreciate how my hard life is. I means, the uvver day daddy Richard went off to work – I’s watched him go out the door, then I’s heard the car leave, “all clear” I thinks, so I jumps right up onto their bed. Would you believe it, mummy Sue woz still in there – she said “gerroff”, well, actually she sed ‘aaaaaarggh’ then ‘gerroff’! I’s shook me head – is goin’ to take longer than I thought to train her so I’s called in re-hinforcements.

Me friends David and Ellabella came for a weekend sleepover – they’s got their mummies prop’ly trained – they’s always sleeping wif their mummies, ‘cept when they wants to sleep on their other beds. I sez to them “help me sort mummy Sue out – she’s gotta learn that greys sleep in their mummy’s beds”. “Hokay dokey” they sed.

Me cunnin’ plan is workin’ – we’s got house rules and dog rules – so, like, house rules is that we duzn’t go on the sofa but David’s dog rules is that he needs the sofa and dog rules over-rules house rules – geddit?! So David woz on the sofa and him and Ella woz allowed on the beds, and on the boat I sneeked onto David’s mummy’s bed and GOT AWAY WIF IT – hur hur hur….

Coz mummy Sue felt guilty that I woz cuddled up to David’s mum, she let David onto her bed (result!) but he didn’t stay – he woz full of energies, IN THE MORNIN’, wot’s that all about?

We’s dun lots of lookin’ – our olympic lookin’ team is brilliant – we’s gonna be big champions. We’s thought of uvver retired greyhound ‘ympic hevents – not runnin’ obviously, coz we’s retired! So here’s our list:

  • Synchronised lookin’ – solo, pairs, three, fours, boys, girls, brindles, blacks – we’s guaranteed 8 medals already!
  • Speed eatin’ piggy lugs – Ty’s gotta get gold
  • Speed eatin uvver chewies
  • Distance event – spread of crumbs from one bonio all over the floor (mummy Sue sez we’s gotta get medals there)
  • Area of sofa/bed covered by one hound (needs research on ‘lympic standard sofa/bed size)
  • Distance between legs when roachin’ (front, back and across!)
  • Shoe carrying – furthest wins, wif extra points for dropping the shoe in sumfink yucky (needs research on ‘lympic standard shoe – duz slippers count?)
  • Poo rolling – the winner has most area of fur covered in poo (mummy Sue duzn’t favour that event – dunno why)
  • Some sort of farty competition – no use going for noise coz we tends to specialise in the ‘silent but deadly’ – we needs a smell-o-meter – better get hinventin’….

Oh course, that’s just the start – I’s sure that there’s lots of uvvers – we’s concentrated on them that we’s ‘specially good at!

I’s not dun much ritin’ coz me famus friend David has dun ritin’s – he’s my hinspiration!

Me weekend holeeday snaps….

These are me favrits – there’s more on facebook coz mummy Sue luves all our photos –

"Pleeze can I stay on the sofa Auntie Sue?"

"Of course you can David" - result! I's will be on there next....

We's looking - there's lots of ducks and whatnot in Little Venice....

See, three hounds duz fit onto one sofa.....when we's too tired to argue!

Oooh, is a bit early for me,,,,

David luves lookin'.....

We's met anuvver hansum greyhound - he's dun modellin'!

We's getting the hang of lookin'...

David lookin' very dignified on the back deck...

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