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Archive for April 2nd, 2011

Boat Blog: Bit of housekeeping

Posted by indigodream on 2 April, 2011

Saturday 2nd April

With the 2011 Odyssey almost upon us, we decided to spend a few hours doing some housekeeping on the boat. We left the hounds at home – it’s impossible to clean when almost every flat surface is covered by a dog! Richard’s mission was to do a pump-out, wash the side of the boat, sterilise the water tank/pipes with milton, add some ballast and hoover water from the bilges (there’s always water in there – not sure why). My mission was to do a deep clean of the interior and vacuum pack the spare bedding.

I’d just achieved that state of tidying when everything is in a complete mess, when we had the most delightful distraction in the form of fellow bloggers Amy and James from nb Lucky Duck. They’d come down to London for a rowing event on Sunday and had decided to have a walk around Limehouse Basin. Luckily we were manoeuvering around the basin making it easy to spot us – they waved and shouted and we let them into the marina. We’ve been looking forward to meeting them since we failed to get to their home mooring in Cambridge last year.

Visit by Lucky Duck

As always, I had a little frisson over whether we’d have enough things in common to chat about – how silly, of course we’ve got lots in common – not least an abiding interest in the working of boat toilets! James set the timer when he arrived and, sure enough, we were talking toilets well within the 30 minute deadline that he’d set!

They were lovely company and we sat on deck in the sunshine (well mainly sunshine), drank tea and chatted about boats. We were sorry to say goodbye to them, if we hadn’t got so much to do with flushing and refilling the water tank (emptying the tank takes around 40 minutes and filling it from empty takes almost an hour and we had to repeat this process several times) then we’d have loved to take them on a mini-cruise. As it was, we could only offer them a lift from the visitor pontoon to the first of the Regent’s Canal locks so that they could start the walk up to Mile End to meet Amy’s sister.

NOTE TO GREYGAL: We miss your blogs, James and Amy miss your blog as does James’s Dad (or was it Amy’s dad) – we need your blog!!!!!

By now it was getting quite late, but even though we needed to get away quickly for the hounds, we were stopped in our tracks by the most vivid sunset.  The whole marina, surrounded by reflective glass buildings, was washed in a peachy glow – stunning!

We dragged ourselves away and headed for home – the hounds had been fine – they’ve probably slept all day but they were quick to make us feel guilty!

So, this is what we achieved today:

√ pump -out

√ sterilise and flush water system with milton (2 x 500ml bottles milton, leave to soak for 15 minutes); tank emptied then rinsed with another full tank of water; partially refilled with fresh water.

√ boat washed

√ bilges cleared

√ Large number of heavy bricks added to front locker – boat is now perfectly level when the crew standing dead centre – result!

√ vacuum pack bedding

√ floor swept

√ made a start on sorting the mulch of stuff under the sofa!

We need to fill the water tank tomorrow morning then over the next few cruising days I need to get into the rest of the cupboards and have a good sort-out.

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