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Boat Blog: Best laid plans…..

Posted by indigodream on 21 April, 2011

Monday 18th April 

We were so disappointed to have missed Sue and Vic of nb No Problem over the weekend but all was not lost. Thanks to the wonders of Twitter and some frantic plotting from all the crews involved, we contrived a meeting at the Coy Carp pub on Monday evening. Sue and Vic moved down from Cassiobury Park with Carol and George from nb Rock ‘n Roll and moored below Coppermill Lock; we piled Indigo Dream’s crew (human and canine) into the car and drove up to join them. Taking the dogs gave us the option of staying overnight on the boat. We didn’t take the hounds to the pub – it was a mild enough evening, but the air was too full of midges to consider eating outside.

We had another nice meal here, though the food and service weren’t as sharp as on Saturday. Nonetheless, the staff were pleasant and we did get some compensation in the form of a free pint of beer when they forgot to deliver one of the side-dishes!

The service and meals might have been ok, but the company was outstanding. You can’t go far wrong with a group of dog-loving boating bloggers – it’s guaranteed that we’ll have enough to talk about and enough unexplored subjects left over to ensure that we’ll look forward to meeting up with them again! I hadn’t realised that nb No Problem and nb Rock ‘n Roll were on their way to join a St Pancras Cruising Club Tideway cruise in a couple of weeks’ time. We were thrilled on their behalf and a little envious – we’ve always enjoyed the convoys and it seemed a little odd not to be taking part. We really hope that they find the convoys to be a positive experience.

The evening flew by and it seemed like hardly any time before we had to say a reluctant ‘goodbye’. We headed back to the boat and after much debate, we decided to drive home. But our visit to the boat had been well worthwhile – our front pin had worked loose in the dry gravel of the towpath and was barely hanging on, so it was a good opportunity to put another one in. We were also able to turn the fuses off (which we’d forgotten to do on Sunday); alas I forgot, again, to take out the two packets of cheeses slices I’d left in the turned-off fridge – umm, they’ll be lovely by Thursday!

We had a bit of drama with Ty – as we were leaving he just slipped out of my grasp, got spooked by something or other, and hared off down the towpath in the direction of the road – I called him and ran in the opposite direction – his recall’s not bad so he turned and followed me, but then failed to stop and ran up the towpath the other way, his black coat swiftly disappearing into the surrounding blackness. He didn’t go far and came back once he’d run off his first panic, but it’ll be a long time before we can trust him off lead. In the meantime, Lou and Lynx showed no enthusiasm for our company – they’d arranged themselves on the sofa and had settled in for a night’s sleep – they didn’t want to move, even if it was back to their luxury duvets at home!

We had a mega-efficient drive home along empty motorways and were home by midnight – it had been a very special evening and I’m so pleased that we took the opportunity to meet Sue THE blogger who has been such a source of inspiration and information for many years 🙂

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