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Archive for April 25th, 2011

Dog Blog:Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 25 April, 2011

Well, I’s had an action-packed weekend and we’s got anuvver day off tomorrow, and anuvver long weekend next week – I’s not sure if I’s got the energies for all these days off. At least mummy Sue and daddy Richard had the sense to go out today and leave us in peace – we’s had a luvverly snooze and I might have anuvver snoozy day tomorrow, and myabe the day after that  – phew, this forward plannin’ is tirin’ work.

Friday 22nd April

Me and sum of me houndie friends - shame those hu-mums are in the way...

Anyhoo, on Friday we’s had a BIG houndie gathering on our boat – there woz me, of course, boss lady Lou and jelly boy Ty; then, auntie Sarah comes down the towpath wif me best friend Ranger (mummy Sue luves Ranger) and Henry the hound – auntie Sarah’s got a boat called Henry too – is just tooo confusin’. Then I saw a new auntie – Catherine and her hound Beren, wot is a luvverly bridle boy. Henry and Beren hasn’t been on a boat before so we’s had to show them how to behave. We woz all dignified when the mad spaniels, Max and Hugo turned up. Auntie Sarah woz worried that Henry might eat the spaniels, but mummy Sue had chikkin in the fridge so he didn’t bovver…

So, we eight houndies settled down for a cruise – we’s had such an hexciting day wif dramas all over the place AND we’s invented a new sport – houndie crikkit! They was playin’ hooman crikkit by the canal and I thought we could do that. So here’s the game – us houndies score ‘runs’ by hescaping from the boat an’ getting as far away as we can before our hu-mums catch us! We’s so good at this new game that I think it’s anuvver one for the houndie ‘lympics. We’d found that a mixed team of greyhounds and spaniels is a winnin’ combination – the spaniels is little and they’s good for single runs – they’s escaped a lot but duzn’t get very far; we big hounds escape less but we can get further on our long legs – geddit?

Anyhoo, Henry an’ Ty scored the first runs – Henry hopped over the deck dog-proof doors (dog-proof – hur hur hur!!!!) – he slipped past his mummy but got fielded by mummy Sue; that woz our big chance – mummy Sue had Henry in one hand and the boat rope in the other so Ty hopped over the deck door and legged it! Oh course, mummy Sue’s hands woz full so Ty did a neat side-step and woz off – Auntie Sarah had to dash after him – well that’s gotta be four runs straight away!

Then later on the spaniels got a lot of single runs – they jumped off the front of the boat then the hu-mums got them on the back, then they’d run through the boat an hop off the front then the hu-mums got them on the back; in the meantime, we hounds just kept getting on and off  the back deck. Doggie crikkit is a great spectator sport – there woz people at the lock larfin’ and larfin’ coz our hu-mum ‘fielders’ couldn’t get all eight doggies on board all at the same time. Henry needs a bit of practice tho’ – he tried jumpin’ in at the front, the same as the spaniels woz doing and SPLASH – in he goes and there was a big commotion as the hu-mums fished him out of the water. Mummy Sue got bizy with the fluffy towel – Henry the hound looked a bit shocked – he sez we needn’t put any swimmin’ events into the houndie ‘lympics!

See - we's can all fit on deck if the spaniels go underneaf us....

Like in human crikkit, we’s all stopped for lunch tho’ Ty scored anuvver four runs when he legged it into the woods with Richard in hot pursuit; mummy Sue woz making dinner so all the rest of the pack went for a walk on the towpath. Then I’s scored a mega- amount of runs – six isn’t maximum enuff reelly. Richard thought I woz wif the rest of the crew an’ the rest of the crew thought I woz wif Richard, but I woz actooally havin’ a little rummage in the woods by myself. I woz sort of wandering back to the canal when I saw some nice people going’ my way “You poor lost houndie” they said and put me on their lead and rang mummy Sue. But mummy Sue woz lost! I knew where I woz – I woz at Lot Mead lock; but when my new friends asked mummy Sue where she woz, she didn’t know! She’d bin inside and didn’t know where we’d moored. Auntie Sarah thought she knew and headed off up the towpath – in the wrong direction! Lucky that Richard came back wif Ty then – Richard wozn’t lost and cycled back quick to fetch me – I woz VERY pleased to see him – me new friends woz ok but I’s needed a sleep now and they didn’t have a boat or even a sheepskin handy.

Mummy Sue woz a bit upset coz she didn’t even know she’d lost me – she’d seen Henry hound on the towpath and though it woz me! Me an’ Henry had the same granddaddy as we’s is very sim’lar.

Them spaniels is mad  – after my big hadventure I woz happy to settle onto my favrit deck sheepskin with Ranger dog as a pillow – he’s a luvverly pillow. But the spaniels woz frantic – they wozn’t goin’ to settle until they had ALL the food that woz on board – Max woz so despirit he jumped right through the side hatch onto the galley counter – only the galley counter is very slippery so he just slid backwards on to the floor! Ohh, we’s had a little giggle, once we knew he woz ok, of course!

I woz qwite sad when we moored up at the end of the day coz all me doggie friends went home, ‘cept for Lou and Ty, of course. Henry’s a foster dog just like me an’ Ty woz, ‘cept that auntie Sarah sez that now she knows that he likes boating and didn’t eat any spaniels he can stay forever – wheee – that is one lucky hound and now I knows that my winnin’ houndie crikkit team will play again! Beren woz a very good boy tho’ he didn’t score any runs at all, Lou didn’t either – maybe brindles are just no good at crikkit. Beren’s hu-mum sez that she’s very happy coz now she can buy a boat becoz Beren likes boatin’. She’s also learnt how many hounds you can fit on a boat – one greyhound is hardly enuff reelly!

Mummy Sue and Richard went out for supper but we didn’t mind- we woz fast asleep. It woz nice an’ quiet where we moored – there wozn’t them pesky ducks pecking at the sides and making a right racket – that made Ty very happy so he woz able to have a wee and eat his supper and he didn’t hide under mummy Sue’s bed – result!

Saturday 23rd April

We’s had a luvverly lie-in this mornin’ – is very important for us ‘lympic athletes to have rest days.

More room on deck today....

We didn’t do houndie crikkit today – it woz far too hot – me an’ Lou did ‘lympic lying down instead – we laid on the boat, and on the grass, in the sun an’ in the shade; we’s very versatile – we’s done lyin’ on our right sides, then on our left sides but we didn’t do roaching – is not dignified in public!

Ty mainly did worryin’ on his new bed – he’s a big worry-er. But yesterday he woz less worried than last weekend, and today he woz less worried than yesterday so he’s gettin’ better bit by bit.

I’s didn’t have any big adventures today – mummy Sue sed she woz watchin’ me; Richard woz watching Lou – she dun eyeballin’ an hexitable spaniel and dun barking, so Richard yelled – he wozn’t sure who the spaniel’s hu-mum woz most scared of – Lou barkin’ or him shoutin’ – hur hur hur!

Ty’s had the biggest hadventure today – we’s stopped for lunch – again! Mummy Sue woz in the kitchin so we all went for a rummage wif Richard. It woz nice and safe coz there woz canal on one side and a big fence on t he other. Ty woz doin’ OK so Richard let him off the lead – d’oh! Ty went the wrong way wif Richard in hot pursuit; Richard got him back then tried Ty off the lead again coz we woz all walking so nicely together – then Ty found a gap in the fence and went onto the path round the fishing lake next door. Oh deer, wot a commotion – see Ty’s a BIG hound but a Ty-sized hole in the fence is nowhere near a Richard-sized hole so Ty ended up walking the paf on one side and we woz walking on the uvver, but we couldn’t get to him an’ he couldn’t get to us. It woz a bit pafetic reelly coz he kept lookin’ at us through the fence like it woz OUR fault that he woz stuck.  Richard went off to find a proper gate into the fishing lake and mummy Sue locked me and Lou on the boat and found a mummy Sue-sized hole in the fence wot she squeezed through to rescue Ty. Richard got a bit of earache for letting Ty off the lead, but Ty woz ok and Richard found a shop on the way round the lake and bought mummy Sue a peace offerin’ of ice-cold diet coke so it woz hokey-dokey.

I’s had a chat wif Ty about his hadventure….

“Yo bro” I sez “if you’s such a scaredy jelly boy why did you go thru’ the fence instead to runnin’ back to your safe place on the boat”

“Well” sez Ty “I’s had a problem wif the towpath so I squeezed through to the next path wot looked nicer”

“But it wozn’t nicer” sez I “you’s woz just as scared there”

“Aha” sez Ty “but I’s had solved the problem of not likin’ the towpath”

“You mean you solved one problem wif anuvver” sez I

“You got it” sez Ty, all happy, like it was sumfink that made sense “and it’s good coz then it woz mummy Sue’s problem too, and ev’ryone knows that a problem shared is a problem halved”……..

Sunday 24th April

I’s had a luvverly day sleepin’ then I’s had a good rummage in the field – now, if daddy Richard duzn’t want me to roll in rotten pond weed then why did he put it on the compost heap, eh? Huh, is not fair – I’s come in and they all goes “phwoar that STINKS” – they bundled me into the barfroom and give me a barf – oh no! Mummy Sue sez I smells worse than tripe – she had to wash my ears and my head – TWICE. She sed if the smell didn’t go she’d put in my pyjamas and make me sleep outside but she was only joking – I finks….

I duzn’t like barfs at all but I luves bein’ rubbed down wif a fluffy towel – ooohhh yeah, that’s the spot……

Lynx’s easter holeeday snaps….

See, I duzn't have a big head at all, but I is handsum!

Max and Hugo looking for escape routes....

Lou on her sofa - you can share her sofa if you's brave but no-one else gets to lie just there...

Henry and Beren getting the hang of synchronised lookin'

Of course, I's a champion looker....

Henry on a mission.....

Henry checking for doughnuts...

Yum - Henry enjoying the last of Neil's doughnut - with permission!

Henry and Beren doin' boatin' - as understood by 99% of greyhounds 🙂

We's dun lots of lookin' - 'specially when auntie Sarah's watchin' to make sure we duzn't do runnin' instead!

Time for a little rest - mummy Sue had to put extra sheepskins on deck...

Henry and Ranger look like they've had a good time....

Lou's expert at lyin' around...

Coz I dun runnin' yesterday I's got to do lyin' down today - is part of my 'lympic training regime....

I luves grass - is so good to lie on and when you're poorly you can eat it....

Me an' Lou enjoyin' the shade - Leylandiiiiiiii gives the best shade...

I's dun lots of soopervisin' today - is a sit-down job of course, I IS management!

Arghh baftime

Ahhh peace & quiet, finally ....

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