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Dog Blog: Lynx’s Photo Diary

Posted by indigodream on 5 May, 2011

Wednesday 4th May

I’s got a BIG dilemma – Mummy Sue sez that we’s goin’ to be cruisin’ every weekend forever! I duzn’t know how I’s goin’ to fit in all me hactivities – helping mummy Sue to steer the boat, olympic lookin’, soopervising locks, entertainin’ the lady hounds wot visit, then writin’ it all down in me diary. Where’s me sleepin’ time? Duzn’t mummy Sue know that I’s retired?!  She sez I’s gotta pace meself so I duzn’t get too hexhausted, but I’s wurried that she’ll never manage wifout me so I’s just gotta stay awake on the boat. Mummy Sue sez we can come home to rest while daddy Richard duz workin’ – phew, tha’s all right then!

So, cruisin’ is hexhausting – I’s havin’ to work me paws off – poor poor me! But there is one reely good fing about cruisin’ – yep’ comin’ home, well, gettin’ ready to come home. Mummy Sue wurries ’bout the ‘cold chain’ whatever that is – I’s helpin’ her not to wurry by eatin’ all the stuff in the fridge before it gets all warm – sumtimes there’s pate and cheese and ham. It woz ‘specially good this weekend – Ty had the dire rear so he wozn’t eatin’ and Lou had poorly kidneys so shewozn’t eatin’ – I’s had to help mummy Sue to empty the fridge all by meself – tragic!

I’s too tired to writes any more so here’s me holeeday snaps…..

Me an' Lou doin' looking - we've qwite comfy on the grass but we's had to get back on the boat....

Me new girlfriends Sharry and Bess.... didnt take long to teach em to do proper lookin'

Sharry doin' 'lympic class lookin'....

Henry doin' lookin' - he looks like Sharry - I wunder if they'se cousins or sumfink...

Mummy Sue despairs of getting all five faces in the same picture...

I luves Miffy - she's my Saturday girlfriend and she duzn't wear me out wif leanin'...

The trouble wif me new girlfriends is that they luves to lean on me - no wonder I's so hexhausted...

The boys' 'lympic lookin' team.....

Ranger, Miffy and me - oh, and a bit of Henry's bottom - mummy Sue sez d'oh, why is there always one dog bottom in the photos!

Lou getting a big fuss off mummy Sue....

Watch out Henry, Lou's comin' to get yeh....

Us havin' a rummage wif Auntie Sarah...

Lou havin' a little rest....

Six on deck (1)

Six on deck (2)

Six on deck (3)

Six on deck (4)

Six on deck (5)

Autie Sarah's dun the right fing to adopt Henry - he's a proper boaty hound and she called her boat after him ...

See Lynx, that's how you pace yourself....

Ty on his speshal boat bed - is hardly big enuff mummy Sue....

Ooooh - cows - good to look at, good to eat and they have the best poo....

2 Responses to “Dog Blog: Lynx’s Photo Diary”

  1. David said

    Lynx, how’s you going to hav time to do practising for the ‘limpics if you’s croozing all time? Coz they’s only next year! xx

  2. indigodream said

    I knows – mummy Sue’s not takin’ it seriously enuff – and I needs my rest!

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