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Archive for May 25th, 2011

Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary…

Posted by indigodream on 25 May, 2011

Wednesday 25th May

Cousin Wyn duzn't know how to behave - fancy puttin' his foot in my way - oh well, I spoze it'll do as a pillow...

I’s bin very bizzy since me last diary – not too tired, too bizzy, geddit? I duzn’t want me new lurcher babe Sally to fink I’s a wimp….

Anyhoo, mummy Sue sez I’s been the bestest dog ever coz I’s the only dog wot hazn’t bin to the vet – mummy Sue sez she’s hexhausted wif taking Lou then Ty then Lou then Ty…….

They is ok tho – Lou’s bin havin’ her blood pressure done – Blondie the vampire vet woz doin’ it – I woz qwite wurried – wot if she just sunk her fangs in and measured the pressure that way! But Lou sez she got to lay down on sum comfy fleece an’ Blondie held her paw, an Tracy the nurse stroked her tummy an’ mummy Sue stroked her ears – mummy Sue sed “no way can Lou have high blood pressure” and she woz right – Lou woz so relaxed her blood pressure went down an’ down!

I finks I should pretend to have high blood pressure coz I’d qwuite like to lie down wif Blondie givin’ me a big fuss…..

I’s been cruisin’ agen wif me best friends Ranger an’ Henry – I’s asked mummy Sue to get Beren to stay at home so’s I could have a chance to snuggle up to Miffy. But I’s not lucky there – Miffy dun cuddlin’ with Ty – she just duzn’t like fit action heroes like me. Never mind – I’s will just need to find anuvver babe…

I’s dun lots an’ lots of locks and, AND, there woz a paf on BOTH sides of the canal – we’s had to do hadvanced lookin’ – I’s needed me holympic lookin’ team – me an’ Lou is big champions. Then we’s had to be big guard dogs coz there woz hu-mens wot mummy didn’t like the look of by sum of the locks. Me an’ Lou lay on deck all feroshus and they’s didn’t jump on the boat and then they ranned away. No wonder we woz a bit hexhausted. Lucky for us that Mummy Sue had a birfday last week – it woz luvverly – we’s all spend the day in our jarmies – zzzzzzzzz. Becoz it woz her birfday she made us speshal treats – we’s had our own home-cooked chikkin – yum yum! But this week it wozn’t her birfday so she got us hot chikkins from Morrisons – well, me gourmet houndie friends, is reelly not good enuff – mummy Sue sez they woz a bargain so we had two chickkins, but they wozn’t suckulent at all. We finks that mummy Sue needs more birfdays – she sez “no fanks all the same”!

When we woz all rested we’s had a surprize visit from Auntie Sarah, wif me best mate Henry and his mate Sidney. Sidney woz best friends wif Ty coz they’s both reelly luves their food and they’s qwite lazy; I likes Henry coz we can do mad chargin’ round the garden – wheeee. Lou luves us all coz she’s top dog an’ dun barking. We’s had a rummage, then a sleep, then we’s eaten pigs ears, then we’s had a rummage, then we’s had a sleep, then we’s had a little snackette, then we’s had a sleeps then we’s had anuver rummage and a mad greyhound charge round the field. I woz a bit sad wen me frends went home but we woz qwite tired by then so it woz hokay.

Ty’s got himself an hextra bed this week – wen he woz a bit pafetic after his hanasfetic last week,  mummy Sue put a fluffy blanket in the spare room for him, then he finks “wot about all these soft bags wot is in here?” – they woz all full of old clothes and stuff. Mummy Sue sed they woz for recyclin’ so Ty recycled all the bags into a dog bed – clever eh! He’s emptied all the bags all over the floor, then he’s scraped all the cloth into a big heap and then he laid on it – then he had to empty sum more bags – when all the bags woz empty he had the perfick houndie bed!

Oooh, what are they lookin' at...

We’s needed a rest coz I’s had to work over the weekend! Poor Nanny Renia’s garden is full of sqwirrels an’ foxes – she duzn’t have anyone to protect her – is terrible. She’s called in the A-team – that’s me, an’ Lou and Ty – well, mainly me an’ Lou but Ty duz the best cuddles so nanny Renia could feel all better. We’s had such a bizzy weekend…..

We’s mainly dun relaxin’ this week coz mummy Sue sez we’s doin’ a marathon next weekend. I’s had to give her one of me looks, a marathon, reelly, honestly? Uh, mummy Sue, isn’t you, well, too wobbly to be runnin’ a marathon? And I is not runnin’ any more than 26 metres – you’s can forget 26 miles – I’s retired!

“No no” sez mummy Sue, we’s doin’ a boatin’ marathon, on the boat, no runnin’ at all, but there will be lots of locks”

“Oooh” I sez “so’s you’s be needin’ me amazin’ supervisin’ skills then”

“Yes” she sez “but Ty is staying with nanny Renia because he’s a big wuss jelly boy and Lou is stayin’ wif nanny Renia because she doesn’t understand how to share her sofa with humans”

I woz so sad – I woz goin’ to be all by meself – how’s I gonna be a super-hero wifout me pals, but mummy Sue sez that Ranger an’ Henry an’ Miffy is comin’ – at last – I’s got Miffy all to meself – maybe she’ll be my babe this weekend….

Mummy Sue sez the marathon is raisin’ money for a lifetime supply of hot chikkins for me, Lou an’ Ty all them poor houndies wot duzn’t have hu-mums and hu-dads to look after them – if we gets lots of muney then they can go to nice houses wif duvets, an sheepskins, and pigs ears, an chikkins, and big cuddles…..

If you clicks on here you can gets to a place where you can gives muney – we’s will give you big houndie kisses if you duz…..

Me holeeday snaps…..

See, one looks one way an' one looks the uvver - is hadvnaced olympic lookin'...

Me best friend Ranger - just restin' his eyes....

See, he wozn't asleep reelly...

Loook Look, it's Ty doin' lookin' - he never duz lookin' - wheeee!!!!

Me an' Lou protectin' mummy Sue from the vandals....

Lou on lookout - she's a sassy lady...

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