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BCN Marathon Challenge 2011: 11am – 1.15pm

Posted by indigodream on 28 May, 2011

11am – 1.30pm

Deans Road Bridge, Wyrley and Essington Canal to Birchills Junction

We’ve had a very relaxing lock-free cruise along the undulating Wyrley and Essington Canal – but where are all the boats? We’ve only met one boat on the challenge – nb Victorious, whose crew cheerfully waved at us with their beer cans – aah, so that would be the drinking element of the challenge then…

The only other boats that we’ve met have been from the Wolverhampton Boat Club, who have 16 boats of their own doing a little bobble around the BCN – quite separate from the BCN Challenge.

Otherwise we’re marvelling again at the rural character of the Wyrley and Essington canal – it’s so peaceful and the people we’ve met have mainly been fishermen, astonished that a boat is going past!

So far we’ve only been down the weed hatch once – nothing interesting, just a few plastic bags and, remarkably, some weed! We’ve had to do a prop clearance from time to time but we’re making good progress so far.The canal is shallow and we get the odd suspicious grinding beneath the counter as we travel over the gravel, or submerged trolley!

The weather has been relatively benign – mainly cloudy and mild, though we had a huge cloudburst at 12.15pm – uhmm, time for me to go inside and prepare the lunch then! The crew have declared themselves “totally stuffed” – let’s see how long that lasts once we start the serious locking later on this afternoon 🙂

The junction represented the next leg of our trip – though the cunning people at the BCN Society put a quiz question at Sneyd Junction. The answer? You’ll have to find it for yourself!

We’ve made up the time that we lost on the flight this morning and are now back on target, and the sun has come out – brilliant!



One Response to “BCN Marathon Challenge 2011: 11am – 1.15pm”

  1. Michael Williams said

    Enjoying reading about your progress. We started at Titford this morning. Just done the Wednesbury Oak Loop to the Bradley workshops and heading in the same direction as you! Look out for us tomorrow on Tardebigge – an old icebreaker.

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