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BCN Marathon Challenge 2011: 8am – 9am

Posted by indigodream on 28 May, 2011

8am – 9am

Aldersley Junction to Lock 15 of the Wolverhampton 21

Miles: 1  Locks: 6

We finally got the boat to Aldersley Junction just before 10pm last night, proving that there is just about enough light for cruising at that time of day – important intelligence for the challenge to come!

We moored overnight at Aldersley junction just opposite nb Wanderin’ Bark, also taking part in the challenge. We were all up early – partly out of excitement and partly because Richard had to cycle back to get the camera, which he’d left in the car back in Compton.

By 7.45am nb Wanderin’ Bark and Indigo Dream were in position with both boat crews full of Indigo Dream’s coffee. But in the spirit of honesty – given that Captain A’s crew member is called “Mr Truth”  – they set off up the locks at 8am and we followed some 10 mintues later.

We set off with a great sense of team spirit – just as well, subsequent water shortages along the flight made team working essential!

Nb Sarah Jane, not taking part in the challenge, had set up the locks just before nb Wanderin’ Bark – by the time we were ready to set off, towpath walkers were reporting that nb Sarah Jane was stuck on the mud. There followed a great bit of collaborative boating, with the crews of the three boats working together to get enough water down the pounds to enable us to move forwards. Knowing we were on the challenge, nb Sarah Jane kindly let us pass.

So, the first hour has been a bit slow but the camaraderie has made up for it…

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