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BCN Marathon Challenge 2011: 4am – 5.30am

Posted by indigodream on 29 May, 2011

4am – 5.30m

Cuckoo Wharf to Aston Junction

Oh yes, 4am and we’re all up and about – even the dogs, well, not quite the dogs – Lynx and Henry colonised the bed vacated by Sarah – they and Andy seemed set for a lie-in; Ranger dog was very relaxed on his duvet and Archie dog couldn’t get up on account of being stuck under the sofa!

We got off the mooring by 4.20am, noting in passing that Wanderin’ Bark had arrived there some time after us last night (or this morning) but pointing the other way.

By the time we reached Aston Bottom Lock everyone was up and dressed – the loyal crew was doing the locking and I was on coffee and pastry duty – the main lesson I learnt from our first Thames Tideway pilot – keep your crew warm, fed and hydrated – I take it very seriously!

As I write we’re approaching Lock 2 with just one more on the Aston flight to do, then it’s onto Farmer’s Bridge before we decide how to meander the rest of the way to Walsall Town Basin by 2pm.

It’s a cool windy morning but the fresh air is slapping us awake nicely and Sarah is wearing the dogs out by walking them right up the flight – poor Lynx has never had so much exercise!

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