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BCN Marathon Challenge 2011: Photoblog 1

Posted by indigodream on 30 May, 2011

7.54am: Wanderin' Bark getting into postion on the starting line... Sue was meant to put laxatives into their coffee..

7.59am: Great expectations - the cruising log..... Still unopened but you can see that hand twitching. Mind you our first rest break was from 8am to 8:10am....

8.21am: starting to work the crew - that's Graham on the towpath - at this stage he didn't appreciate my saying "cheer up only another 90 to go...."

8.39am: High viaduct and low pound.... Worryingly this is one of the big pounds, hard to drain, hard to fill!

8.39am: Our Greyhoundhomer banner and two greyhounds - Lynx and the tiller pin - does our pin need a name?

10.18am: Hurrah - the relief crew is here.... but who is that they are helping through?

10.22am: The relief hound crew came too....

10.40am: Broad Street Basin at the top of the Wolverhampton flight...

10.44am: I like this structure - now what/where is it - who took this photo?!!

11.00am: I love this reflective bridge on the Curly Wurly.....

11.40am: nb Victorious on the BCN marathon 'drinking' challenge - they were a cheerful bunch....

11.57am: We're in Birmingham - honest!

12.09pm: We only met a few boaters but whenever we did there were wonderful greetings....

12.42pm: Sneyd Junction....

12.43pm: Graham, Andy and Sarah - TOP crew - taking bookings for the next challenge.....:-)

13.20pm: Yep, we're still in Birmingham.....

11.46am: Ranger and Lynx taking it all in their stride....

11.55am: Henry and Archie on lookout duty - this is Archie's first time on a boat - he took to it straight away!

4 Responses to “BCN Marathon Challenge 2011: Photoblog 1”

  1. Love love LOVE your opening shot and caption!! Spluttered my coffee all over the keyboard as I guffawed with laughter 😀

  2. indigodream said

    Hi Belle

    I owe you an apology for leaving you at the end point – too many people to chat to and not enough waking brain cells to manage it! Thanks for the yummy shortbread – the mayoress got one bag – not sure how, but you’ll be famous in Walsall now!

  3. You have nothing to apologise for, Sue! Glad you liked the shortbread. I gave the Mayoress a bag when she came aboard with the Mayor. Seemed appropriate!

  4. indigodream said

    Ah, that explains it – I thought she’d nicked one of our bags – they were sitting on the boat roof looking very enticing!!!

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