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Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 10 June, 2011

Saturday 4th June

I’s a poor hard-dun by houndie but at least I’s gotta home wif duvets – remember you’s can still sponsor the marathon so that all the houndies in kennels can be spoiled rotten have a hard time in new homes –

POOR ME!!!!!

Mummy Sue wents away on Tuesday – I duzn’t like it when she goes away, but it woz hokay coz I woz still tired after the weekend so I’s dun restin’ wif Lou and Ty. Oh course, I didn’t let mummy Sue know I woz hokay, so when she came home on Wednesday I’s pretended I didn’t know her – huh, she can’t go leavin’ her best boy and ‘specting favours. She sez “poor poor Lynxie” and feds us all sum chikkin so I sed “oooh mummy Sue, is YOU” an’ we woz all happy. We’s happy too becoz daddy Richard’s been takin’ us runnin’ in the hevenin’s – even Ty dun runnin’ but no-one’s as fast as ME!

We’s gone to the boat this weekend – we’s got to the boat an’ I wents for a walk wif daddy Richard, then they wents out for lunch and left us on the sofa – honest, how could they not see I woz despiritely injured! When they came back mummy Sue went “eeeeeeek, what’s this blood all over the place….”

Uh oh, the paw police are on our case…..

Mummy Sue found a cut on my paw – I’s haccidentally trod on sum glass on the paf. I woz tryin’ to keep me paw to meself but she hinsited on washin’ me paw, in COLD water, then she puts a big bandij on, then she holds me paw reelly tight, but it woz still bleedin’ all over the place…..

“VET” she sez….

Wot? They have vets up here? I thought I woz safe coz I’s left all the vets at home, I didn’t fink they had vets here. Mummy Sue put a bandij and a boot on me foot and we’s had to walk to the vet right thru the town- oh no, a silly boot, hope none of me babes saw me…

Auntie Jill made me a speshal bed on her boat Matilda Rose....

I duzn’t like the vet – it wozn’t me luvverly Blondie and the vet man wanted to knows all about me so he checked my belly – I sez “owwww”; then he’s stuck his cold stethi- thing on me bald chest, then he tells mummy Sue that I’s got a heart murmer so she gives the vet her best “the foot’s enough stress for now, don’t tell me any more” look, but he still stuck a thermometer up me bum. Me foot still hadn’t stopped bleedin’ so the vet put some funny purple stuff on it – oh no, a purple foot, is gettin worse by the minit.  It woz all too much, even for a sooper-hero like me, so I’s dun a jelly boy and shooked all over ’til a nice vet nurse give me a big cuddle. Then the vet gave me a hinjection wot stung like a wasp – I’s had to do a spesha ly loud death scream  – I’s learnt that from Lou. The vet put a hoooge bandij on me foot, then mummy Sue put a boot over the bandij an’ I had to walks all the way back thru town again – I’s will NEVER be able to show me face round here agen!

When Is’ got back to the boat, mummy Sue took my boot off and I’s decided that the bandij is not me foot – I duzn’t want anyfink to do wif it – is not my foot.

“Is not my foot” I sez “take it off”

“It IS your foot” sez mummy Sue “it’s just hidden behind the bandage”

“Is NOT my foot” I sez

“Yes it is” she sez

“Is not MY foot” I sez

“You silly hound, it is your foot”


We's ever so grateful for our comfy sheepies Auntie Jill...

Huh, mummy Sue is not takin’ me seriously – I’s woz forced to curl up small on my sheepskin and I’s dun huffin’ an’ puffin’ – every now and then I’s grumbled “is not my foot” but mummy Sue ignored me…..

I may have overdone me grumblin’ coz after I dun sulkin’ bein’ ever so ill on deck for hours and hours, mummy Sue sed maybe I needed to go back to the vet. But I’s used my hypno powers to get daddy Richard to take mummy Sue to the pub instead. I’s then used me amazin’ powers to get her to bring me back sum steak leftovers – ummmmm, a nice joocy steak, just what I needs to replace all the bloods I’s lost…..

Sunday 5th June

“Good morning Lynx” sez mummy Sue at 7.30am “how’s your foot”

” ‘snot my foot” I sez

She sed if I woz that ill maybe she shoulds take me home – Miffy and me woz never meant to be….

“Oooooh Miffy?” I sez

“Yes, Miffy” she sez “She’s coming out speshally by herself so you can gets to know her better wifout any competition”

“Well, if Miffy’s comin’ then maybe, mummy Sue, you coulds just take this bandij off so’s I could check whether I’s got me foot back”…..

“hokay” she sed

Mummy Sue, we needs more chin rests on our boat...

“uh, how big is that scissors mummy Sue” I sez “maybe we should just leave the bandij on”….

I’s hid me foot quick, not that it is MY foot, but I hids it anyway then she’s dun a BIG cheat – she gots daddy Richard to hold me leg and she cut the bandij off – ooh look, it’s me foot, it’s back…

I’s still got to wear me silly boot tho’ – humph!

We’s got in the car to meet up wif our frends but wen we got there Ty got out of the car boot but then, quick as flash he jumps in on the back seat -Ty duzn’t like new places, but we sed “oooh smell that, we woz here a few weeks ago, we knows this place” but he wozn’t havin’ none of it. Mummy Sue pulled him an’ he pulled back, she shoved him an’ he shoved back. But hu-mums is devious – she tooked all the blankies and sheepies from underneaf him then she slid him out of the car – daddy Richard had polished the back seat – it woz so shiny that Ty’s bum slid right off an’ he almost fell out onto his nose!

Before we mets Miffy we’s had to take a trip on a diff’rent boat wif me pen pals Baxter and Muttley wot have given good hadvice on how to misbehave in dog trainin’. My foot woz ever so sore, so I’s dun maximum limpin’ and I’s got lots of sympafy – Auntie Jill made me a speshall bed on their sofa wif a nice thick sheepskin – I’s dun sleepin’ all mornin’ then I’s dun cuddles wif Lou coz there woz two sheepskins – Auntie Jill is luvverly but she locked Daisy the cat away – I woz a bit sad coz I luves cats, in a speshal way….

Me an’ Lou woz on Muttley’s sofa reelly and there woz just enuff room for him to get up next to Lou, but, well, you knows Lou; Muttley’s dun lookin’ at Lou an finks “maybe not yet”; then he goes and has a cuddle with mummy Sue, then he dun lookin’ at the sofa and finks “maybe not yet” an’ has anuvver cuddle wif Aunty Sue, then after an hour he decides to jump up – well, Lou gives him a look, an’ not one of her nice ones eifer! So he turned his back and curled up reelly small so she’s couldn’t see him any more and we woz all happy.

Lou givin' Muttles her best "look" - you knows the one - but it's Muttley's bed - "huh, it's mine now" sez Lou....

Coz I dun sleepin’ I woz all fresh when Miffy came – I runs up and sez “hello babe, you’s luvverly” – smooth eh? We’s dun a bit of rummagin’ and weeing but mainly she dun hignorin’ me – I duzn’t fink we haz a ‘speshal relationship” – I finks we’s “just good friends” – s’ok, as long as she still lets me sniff her luvverly bottom….

We's all bestest friends reelly tho'...


Wen we’s got back to Auntie Sarah’s car, I’s said goodbye to luvverly Miffy an’ got in the back seat proper wif Lou – we’s dun sleepin’ all the way home and all the time after we gots home – mummy Sue sez I’s got to see Blondie the vet tomorrow so I’s needin’ my rest….

Monday 6th June

OH NOOOO – Blondie the vet is stranded in an hairport somewhere – I’s havin’ to see the top man – OOOOH NOOOOO – he makes Lou do big death screams – mummy Sue – NOOOOOO……

“Oh stop making a fuss” sez mummy Sue

“hmmmmmph” I sez

I’s had to have stitches in me foot, ‘cept it’s not my foot, the vet swapped it for a blue one wen I woz asleep – AAAARRRHHHH – THAT’S NOT MY FOOT!!!

Mummy Sue sez “it’s only a sky blue bandage – you look cute AND you’ll get lots of sympathy…”

Oh, okay then…..

Mummy Sue cooked me sum chikkin coz I woz bein’ a bit pafetic – I’s still a bit wobbly – “mummy Sue, are you SURE this is my foot???”

Huh, I sees Ty bein’ all manly and charging round the garden so I follows – urk – I’s been pulled up – mummy Sue’s got me lead – wot for?! She sez I’s only allowed out for wees and watnot – no walkin’, no chargin’ around an’ no rummaging – for TEN DAYS!!!! Awwwww, GIVE ME MY FOOT BACK……

Mummy Sue sez I can sunbathe in the garden if I promises not to charge around - me, charge around, oh course not, mummy Sue

Uh, well, see, that's not really me chargin' around, I woz qwite slow, honest, I mean I wouldn't charge around when you told me not to......

Lou an' Ty on the lookout...

Wot is they lookin' at???

Me good friend Muttley wot gave me his bed coz I is so poorly sick...

Uh oh, is not wot it looks like - i's just checking that me bandij is secure, honest...

Did I mention - POOR ME!!!

Luvverly Miffy havin' a piece of cake - see the boat woz all nice an' cozy wif hounds and humans all over the place...

Lou an' Baxter getting comfy - they is qwite senior so they's grabbed the best bits of the sofa...

Luvverly luvverly Miffy - just me good friend...

2 Responses to “Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary”

  1. Rob said

    You poor hard dun by houndie! I hope you’re all better soon.

  2. indigodream said

    Fanks Rob, Is nice wen peoples understand wot a hard life I has!

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