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Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 28 June, 2011

Monday 27th June

Aunty Sarah and me houndie friends...

Well, me houndie friends, I has had a perfick weekend wif sum hadventures an’ LOTS of restin’, wot woz nice. I is allowed to charge around now, but I’s decided not to – is too hot. Mummy Sue bin doin’ sighin’ – “how could be such a drama queen when you couldn’t charge around and now that you can, you don’t want to!”. You know, me friends, hu-mums is a bit dim sumtimes – is a hooge diff’rence ‘tween not bein’ allowed to charge round and not choosin‘ to charge round – ev’ryone knows that – d’oh!

On Wednesday me an’ Lou went to see Aunty Pat an’ her friends wot looked after us before we gots proper mummies – we loves Auntie Pat coz we gets lots of fuss an’ bits of ham san’wiches – she makes the best ham san’wiches. Mummy Sue gave Aunty Pat lots an’ lots of jam – good, I duzn’t like jam. Mummy Sue sez they will sell the jam to get muney to look after the uvver houndies wot duzn’t have hu-mums yet. I’s had a snigger at Aunty Pat’s racing dogs – they is just puppies and duzn’t know about sofas and stuff yet – “give it a few years” I sez “then you’s be retired like me wif all luxury beds an’ wotnot” – “woof off grandad” they sed – huh, the yoof of today…..

On Friday three of me houndie friends cum round – there woz Aunty Sarah an’ Henry an’ Archie an’ Monty. We hasn’t met Monty before – he’s a bit of a scaredy boy like Ty so he fitted straight into our pack. Monty is brindle, like wot Lou is, and he’s old, like wot Lou…uh, sorry Lou. The rest of us is black – Aunty Sarah wonts to take all our collars off then wouldn’t know wot black dog woz wot. Mummy Sue sez she’d always know me an Ty coz we is her speshal boys.

Aunty Sarah woz givin her boys a big treet – a run round my field. But, fing is, we’re retired so we duzn’t do runnin’ to order no more and anyway, we’s too bizzy doin’s sniffin’ and weein’. We dun a bit of runnin’, but mainly we’s followed each uvver round the field, nose to bum,  “like elephants in a circus” sez mummy Sue – blah blah blah – she duz talk sum nonsense – us, like helephants – maybe she woz talkin’ about Lou wot is a big puddi…uh, sorry Lou…

Wen we dun all our wee’s we all cum inside for piggy lugs, an’ chewies an’ hot chikkin an’ pizza and ice cream – I duzn’t know wether we woz s’posed to have them last fings but Henry hinsisted. Then we’s all had a long sleep – there woz greyhounds all over the floor – ‘cept for Henry – he is one bizzy hound. Ty woz very brave – he luves Henry an’ Archie coz they is young dogs like him and they dun rummagin’. Me an’ Lou and Monty took it easy.

Aunty Sarah sed “Lynx is very quiet”

Aunty Sarah tryin' to get us to run...

“Ooh” ses mummy Sue “I’ll check him out – come on Lynx” she sez “just lookin’! – Aaargh. She dun proddin’ and pokin’ an’ found a sore bit in me back – OOWWW. Woz ok tho’ coz I gots strawberry flavoured tablets wrapped in beef slices ‘n cream cheese  an’ I is all better now.

On Saturday we wents to the boat – it woz a long long trip in the car but we got to stop at the service station – there woz long grass for sniffin’, pafs for rummagin’, trees for weein’ an’, would you believe it, short grass covered wif rabbit poo – they’s thought of ev’rything a houndie coulds need. Ty woz a bit of a scaredy wuss boy but me an’ Lou had’s a luvverly time wand’rin’ round. Just think – all the dogs wot come there will know we’s bin there – we is famus!

We’s got to the boat and me an’ Lou woz just settlin’ down to sum lookin’ wen daddy Richard took us off for a rummage – fair enuff; then we’s settled down to sum more lookin’ an’ they’s stopped the boat – wot? They’s just dun one hour’s croosin’ so we’s hardly got to see anyfink apart from sum birds an’ sum sheep. Where we stopped was hinteresin’ tho’ coz we could’s look into all the people’s gardens wot are by the canal, but there wozn’t any cats. I liked the look of one garden – I’s dun starin’ an’ starin’ – mummy Sue sed “I’s watchin’ you Lynxie boy” – huh, she’s no fun at all!

We wents down the pub – we hads out favrit sheepskins. Mummy Sue ordered a mixed grill, wot woz hooge, so we hads leftover steak, an’ bacon’ an black puddin’ an’ white puddin’ an’ we had sum proper sosidjes just for us. A lady at the next table sed I woz “gorgeous” and give me a big fuss then she give me leftover batter from her fish – batter? No fanks – it’s the bestest fish or nuffink!

Mummy Sue is reeely cross coz the camera focused on the flowers instead of Ty - stoopid camera!

We woz all a bits tired wen we got to the boat so we wents to sleep until Ty had the dire rear. Mummy Sue sez I is the loyalest hound ever coz if Ty needs a walk I’s always goes wif them, even in the middle of the night. I likes walking in the dark – there is lots of little critters – but mummy Sue wurries that we’s goin’ to walk right into the canal – d’oh, we is sighthounds you know, we knows were the canal is!

On Sunday I woz ready to sum more lookin’ but they never moved the boat – they dun polishin’ an’ paintin’ instead. Well, it woz like a holeeday – once I knew they woz doin’ a proper job I’s just relaxed on the long grass – woz all comfy and sumtimes I woz in the sun and sumtimes I woz in the shade, an sumtimes I woz half in the sun an’ half in the shade. Then I’s moved to anuvver bit of grass. I’s got lots of fuss from people wot woz walking by an’ mummy Sue sed I was the bestest boy coz big dogs an’ little dogs kept coming up to sniff me an I’s just hignored them. We’s enjoyed our holeeday – Lou woz on her sofa and Ty woz hidin’ under the sofa an’ I woz outside. Wen I woz hungy I caught mummy Sue’s eye and she brought me sum weetabix crushed up proper in cold milk – very refreshin’. She wozn’t so good wif me drinks order – the water woz a bit warm and she’d forgotten the nice little umbrella an’ a cocktail wabbit on a stick – I’s refused to drink it – this is meant to be a luxury resort.

Cor, it wasn’t half hot, which I qwite likes, but mummy Sue she sed “come in Lynx” so’s I had to go inside, but she arranged our beds just so, then she turned the fan on so we woz in a nice cool breeze – hmmmmm.

We’s had a luvverly day an’ we all slept all the way home, and all night, and all day Monday – well, bein’ on holeeday is ever such hard work….

Me holeeday snaps…

Duz I look good in lavender?

Havin' a little rummage....

Here we comes (1) - that's Archie Lou an' Monty....

Here we comes (2) - wheee....

Here we comes (3) - the oldies dun good but Archie's pullin' away....

Here we comes (4) - Henry's comin' up from behind...

Here we comes (5) - we's back on track - see Ty comin' in from the side?

Here we comes (6) - we luves to run, a little bit....

Watch out Henry - Lou's comin' to get you...

Archie an' Henry is fine hounds...

Chargin' around is luvverly if you's can have a nice rest in the soft grass...

Ooh, is that me refreshments.....?

Me old mate Monty have a little rummage...

Me an' Lou doin' lookin'...

Fields full o' corn is not half as int'restin' as fields full of sheeps....

Mummy Sue sez I is very cute - oh course!

On the beach - well, the towpaf - this holeeday resort is ok!

Jus' chillin' - I likes this boatin' lark....

Us all chillin' in front of the fan - Ty woz sort of under the sofa but mummy Sue made sure the breeze woz gettin' to him ...

2 Responses to “Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary”

  1. Greygal said

    Best time ever with our houndie mates Lou, Ty and Lynx. Let’s do it all again soon. But Henry says he doesn’t want Lou chasing him anymore as he’s worried she’s going to bite his bum.

    Yours ever chewingly

    Henry, Archie and Monty

    P.S We got mummy to help with writings cos we’re not very good

  2. Sue - Indigo Dream said

    Deer Henry, Archie and Monty

    You is welcum anytime – Henry you is bein’ a bit of a wuss, mate, Lou is only getting you in trainin’ for Susie!

    Is sad that you’s gotta get mummy Sarah to rite for you – her spellin’ and grammer is atroshus but what can you do…..

    xx Lynx

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