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The Odyssey 2011: Day 33

Posted by indigodream on 15 August, 2011

Muskham Ferry to Newark

Wednesday 27th July

Interesting building just above Newark Nether lock....

As usual, we had grand plans for the day but the joy of having our own boat (as opposed to share) is being able to change plans at will!

We had a good night on the Muskham Ferry moorings and weren’t in a rush to get away so we had a relaxing morning and bobbled down to Newark. The mooring pontoons were full, but there was a space on the lowest part of the wall, town side. It was a bit noisy- there was working scrapyard in full rattle behind the moorings. The wall wasn’t ideal – it was quite a jump up and down for the hounds and we’ve been concerned about Lou’s various muscle pains. However, you can’t beat the town-side wall for access – Morrisons and all other amenities are within 5 minutes walk. Luckily the hounds weren’t very active in the heat so they didn’t have to do the leap too often.

We took the hounds for a rummage around the town – Newark is an interesting place and well worth a stop. It has a good mix of modern and traditional shops and there was an attractive open market in full swing too. The town’s church of St Mary Magalene is as magnificent as a cathedral – parts of it have been there since Norman times then it’s been rebuilt and extended over the centuries – it’s quite amazing inside – do take a look.

As always, the hounds attracted loads of attention – we ended up talking to several other greyhound owners – so many, in fact, that we spent so much time chatting we didn’t get to see many more landmarks before we had to dash to meet some friends for lunch!

It’s a bit of saga, but a fortnight ago a kindly man called John, along with his friend Paul, helped us to moor at Muskam Ferry against a strong wind and later on found us a bolt for Indigo Dream’s engine filter, the lack of which would have scuppered our tideway plans. As a “thank you” we invited John, Paul and whoever else wanted to come, for a cruise on our way back up. We had intended to move on towards Nottingham in the afternoon but we had a most pleasant surprise. John texted to say that he always meets friend Paul for fish’nchips in Newark on Thursdays.We joined them for lunch in Newark’s castle gardens – a welcome green space bounded by the remnants of the castle walls. It was lovely to meet them again and we made arrangements for them and John’s family to come for a short cruise the following morning.

The interior of St Mary Magdalene Church - it's so grand I thought it was a cathedral...

So our plans were set – we’d stay the night in Newark and cruise to Nottingham tomorrow…

We had a quiet afternoon on board – Richard caught up with the his emails and I settled down with a Lynda La Plante novel – I’ve been reading is at bedtime over several weeks and it made a change to read it while fully awake! The hounds snoozed and the scrapyard performed its cacophanous symphony – like an explosion in a brass band factory! Luckily it stops at 5pm-ish and doesn’t start again until 8.30am so it was a quiet overnight mooring. We’d been keeping a close eye on the mooring pontoons opposite, in the vain hope that a space might come free. On the contrary, the pontoons were soon jam-packed with a raft of narrowboats as the flotilla from Leicester brested up and set up some bunting and a pergola.

We had a late afternoon wander round town (minus hounds) to get some supplies including a hot chicken from Morrisons and to have a look through the historic buttermarket. Sadly we’d missed the open market – we’d planned to have a longer wander there, though there was nothing specific that we needed.

Numerous locals had told us that the New King Wah chinese takeaway was the best in Newark so we got a takeaway and settled down for a quiet evening in. We’ve been watching the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, marvelling again at the sheer craft that went into its making (though as a reader of the books I will always resent how they mis-represented Faramir’s story :-))


Lou and Lynx having a little rummage in Newark...

Interior detail - St Mary Magdalene Chruch, Newark...

There's a nice mixture of old and new buildings in Newark - we felt very comfortable here...

The market and I think that the colonnaded building is the old Buttermarket....

For the record - we're bound to lose this bit of paper!

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