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Archive for September 25th, 2011

Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 25 September, 2011

Sunday 25th September

Well, I’s got BIG news – mummy Sue has turned into a greyhound – YES – my hu-mum woz turned into a greyhound….

Oh sure, she woz sort of greyhound-ish anyway – I means – she eats a lot an’ she sleeps a lot an’ she far…har har har, sorry mummy Sue!

But then, THEN, she got a fur coat ‘an she gots big furry feet an’ big furry paws and a BIG pointy-nosed head – eeeeek!

Eeek - that's not dignified, not like wen we lies on our back wif all four paws in the air....

Is not good AT ALL wen your hu-mum turns into a hound:

  1. hu-mum’s makes sooper giant hounds so there is no room on the sofa for US….
  2. Auntie Sarah, who is hu-mum to me pals Susie, Miffy, Monty, Ranger, Sid, Henry an’ Archie, wants to adopt mummy Sue – but I though I woz Auntie Sarah’s favrit…
  3. hu-mums wot turn into houndies has big furry paws wot it no good at all for cookin’ liver cake and oxtails an’ stuff
  4. hu-mums wot turn into houndies is not allowed in shops so they can’t buy us hot chikkins
  5. hu-mums wot turn into houndies duzn’t give good cuddles coz they’re paws is too big
  6. hu-mums is not dignified like wot we is – they just duzn’t know to roach prop’ly…

I knows that Auntie Sarah helped mummy Sue to turn into a hound so I hasked her “how do I gets my mummy Sue back?”

She sed I hads to say the magic word – “woofacadabra” wot is qwite hard to say, but me, Lou and Ty practised and sed it all together then mummy Sue’s fur fell off and she woz a hu-mum again!

Mummy Sue sez that if all retired houdies gets their own hu-mum than she never has to turn into a greyhounds agen – pleeze ev’rybody – adopt a greyhound qwik so I’s get to keep my hu-mum….

She tooked up the whole sofa!!!!

Look at them ears - our ears is never all skewiff like that....

Auntie Sarah tooked good care of mummy Sue wen she woz a hounds but I fink Auntie Sarah should look after proper hounds like ME....

Huh, I's already told prime-minister Cami-knickers that greyhounds is important - no need for mummy Sue to parade by his big house too....

We luves our hu-mum best wen she's just the way she is.....

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