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Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 25 September, 2011

Sunday 25th September

Well, I’s got BIG news – mummy Sue has turned into a greyhound – YES – my hu-mum woz turned into a greyhound….

Oh sure, she woz sort of greyhound-ish anyway – I means – she eats a lot an’ she sleeps a lot an’ she far…har har har, sorry mummy Sue!

But then, THEN, she got a fur coat ‘an she gots big furry feet an’ big furry paws and a BIG pointy-nosed head – eeeeek!

Eeek - that's not dignified, not like wen we lies on our back wif all four paws in the air....

Is not good AT ALL wen your hu-mum turns into a hound:

  1. hu-mum’s makes sooper giant hounds so there is no room on the sofa for US….
  2. Auntie Sarah, who is hu-mum to me pals Susie, Miffy, Monty, Ranger, Sid, Henry an’ Archie, wants to adopt mummy Sue – but I though I woz Auntie Sarah’s favrit…
  3. hu-mums wot turn into houndies has big furry paws wot it no good at all for cookin’ liver cake and oxtails an’ stuff
  4. hu-mums wot turn into houndies is not allowed in shops so they can’t buy us hot chikkins
  5. hu-mums wot turn into houndies duzn’t give good cuddles coz they’re paws is too big
  6. hu-mums is not dignified like wot we is – they just duzn’t know to roach prop’ly…

I knows that Auntie Sarah helped mummy Sue to turn into a hound so I hasked her “how do I gets my mummy Sue back?”

She sed I hads to say the magic word – “woofacadabra” wot is qwite hard to say, but me, Lou and Ty practised and sed it all together then mummy Sue’s fur fell off and she woz a hu-mum again!

Mummy Sue sez that if all retired houdies gets their own hu-mum than she never has to turn into a greyhounds agen – pleeze ev’rybody – adopt a greyhound qwik so I’s get to keep my hu-mum….

She tooked up the whole sofa!!!!

Look at them ears - our ears is never all skewiff like that....

Auntie Sarah tooked good care of mummy Sue wen she woz a hounds but I fink Auntie Sarah should look after proper hounds like ME....

Huh, I's already told prime-minister Cami-knickers that greyhounds is important - no need for mummy Sue to parade by his big house too....

We luves our hu-mum best wen she's just the way she is.....

2 Responses to “Lynx’s Diary”

  1. Brian Porter said

    God Bless you for being such a kind and generous person, you surprise and impress me more and more with your dedication to the furries, if we are ever in position to adopt a dog the greyhound will be at the top of our list


  2. indigodream said

    You really are too kind Brian – the greyhounds reward tenfold any effort we make on their part, and we do little enough compared to the dedicated people at the shelters who toil every day to find homes for these amazing hounds.

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