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Archive for October 6th, 2011

Boat Blog: A weekend jolly (part 2)..

Posted by indigodream on 6 October, 2011

Sunday 25th September

Paddington Basin to Limehouse Basin

Lovely morning in Regent's Park..

We were on our own today so we set out at 10am-ish, following hire boat Theo, yesterday’s locking partners. It was a lovely morning so we bobbled along, getting rid of some rubbish at the handy barge moored under the A40. We swung right at the island at Little Venice basin, drawing some shouted advice from the skipper of the Waterbus – “go round the island to the left mate so you can see where you’re going”. It seemed to be just friendly advice but there are no signs at the island and we always wonder what the convention should be – after all, if the island is the equivalent of a roundabout surely we should go round it on the right not on the left :-)! As it happens, we usually take the channel of least resistance, post a good lookout and use our sound signals to warn people that we’re coming. Note from Richard: If we don’t have a lookout, then we do go round the island clockwise.

We’d spotted a boat coming through Little Venice Basin just before we arrived and were soon in a s-l-o-w convoy behind nb Theo, who were enjoying every painstaking inch of the trip, and community boat Angel II whose hungover party was being overseen by a stone cold sober and competent skipper.

We groaned a little – we foresaw an afternoon of excruciatingly slow cruising with all the locks set against us. But nb Theo paused at Camden and let us, and Angel II, pass. So we ended up in a companionable trio – we shared locks with Angel II but the crew of nb Theo came to help where they could and we cracked open paddles behind us if we saw them coming. Nb Angel’s grizzled skipper was pleasant but reserved – the group he was shepherding had helped out yesterday but they were the worse for wear today and just left him to single-hand – he seemed rather relieved about it!

We tried Ty on the natural medicine again today – he did ’empty’ in the morning, which is always a good sign, but as soon as the engine started he sank back into his usual onboard gloom. Lou and Lynx seemed very weary – they had the odd bobble at the locks but were much more interested in their beds!

Approaching Camden top lock...

We lost our locking partner at City Road – nb Angel II is moored just above the lock. We looked out for nb Theo but there was no sign of her so we carried on down by ourselves, making steady progress to Victoria Park. It was as busy as ever – we haven’t seen a vacant mooring spot there for ages. There was a boat coming up the lock so we brested up to a narrowboat taking on water at the lock moorings (it is an awkward configuration here) – they’d been having trouble with their engine but wanted to go down the lock. They towed their boat into the lock and came down backwards – it seemed very odd!

The rest of the day passed quietly and efficiently – we were back at our mooring by 4pm-ish and were able to make a quick getaway – this was most welcome as we had a busy week ahead, but more on that in the next post…


The skipper of nb Angel II "enjoying" a rare helping hand from one of his 'crew'....

One of the small boats left over from the Angel Canal festival a few weeks ago....

A decorative island - another remnant from the canal festival..

This canalside cafe seems to be going from strength to strength - I wonder how they got permission for the floating platform,,,

Lou and Lynx have become very close - poor Ty was cowering indoors...

The trash that they recovered from the canal yesterday - I wonder what happens to it now?

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