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Archive for October 10th, 2011

Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 10 October, 2011

We needs proper food coz sumtimes we is attacked by own own feets an' has to defend ourselves....

10th October 2011

Mummy Sue haz been me mummy for almost a year now, o’ course, before then she woz my auntie Sue, but I woz pleezed wen I adopted her coz I’s could start to train her prop’ly…

Is polite to wipes your face after eatin'....

Well, as yous all knows, trainin’ a hu-mum takes ages an’ ages an’ sumtimes they forgets all their trainin’ and treats us like we woz dogs or sumfink. I’s had to use ev’ry trick plus me hamazing hypno-powers to keep her on track. But today we’s had a breakfrough – mummy Sue has fed us proper food like wot is sootable for wonderful houndies like us.

On Sunday Mummy Sue sed she hads to work on Monday and had to leave us at home – we puts on our sad faces and she woz all guilty so she got us some hot chikkin an’ cooked a liver cake – so fars so goods. Then she cooked a whole leg of lamb – just for her an’ daddy Richard – wot? That’s not right!. I woz not happy – I means, chikkin is ok, but lamb – ooooohhh – the smells woz so lushus.

But we’s woz in luck – mummy Sue duzn’t reelly do mornin’s so she went off to catch the train and forgots to put the lamb in the fridge. We’s worked on our cunning plans all day – now mummy Sue wouldn’t eats meat wot has been in the warm all day long but we woz wurried that she might put it in the bin insted of givin’ it to us. So me, Lou and Ty give her an hextra speshal greeting wen she gots in, then we seds “we is poor houndies wot hasn’t eaten a fing all day” (though daddy Richard give us brekfast and did lets us out – no need for mummy Sue to know stuff like that tho).

Then I woz speshally cute and I seds to mummy Sue “see that leg of lamb, why don’t you gives me a little bit and I’s will tell you if it is poiznus”.

Altho’ it smelled lushus I sniffed it an’ looked at it an’ sniffed it some more, as if I woz doin’ a proper check then I’s gobbled it down……

An' ev'ryone knows you needs a snooze to let your dinner go down....

“That’s not poiznus for us” I sez “but you musn’t risk it mummy Sue, you is too preshus”

“Ok” sez mummy Sue and she chops the leg of lamb into little bits an’ put it our bowls – we’s had a whole leg of lamb between us – oooh it woz the best dinner ever!

I’s was a bit disappointed coz mummy Sue dids still put some dog kibble in our bowl, but the bits of lamb woz big enuff so we didn’t haccidetnally eat the kibble (wot is a terrible fing).

Altho’ we had a bit of a setback wif the kibble thing, I’s decided to try the advance trainin’ – mummy Sue dids ever so well, she soaked our kibble in steak jooce and gave us their steak leftovers – oooooh it woz faboolus!

We’s made lots of progress wif trainin’ – a munf ago I’s even managed to get daddy Richard to buy sum out-of date sosidges – he sez it woz an accident but I knows it woz me amazin’ hypno-powers. I’s had a bit of a problem coz daddy Richard sed he’d eat them anyway but mummy Sue reelly is hadvanced coz she sed “I‘s not eatin’ them” so we’s got a sosidge supper.

So me houndie friends, don’t ever give up on trainin’ your hu-mums coz they duz get it eventooally…..

Lambs! I luves lamb....

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