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Archive for October 12th, 2011

Odds Blog: Terrible News…

Posted by indigodream on 12 October, 2011

Tuesday 11th October

It is with tremendous sadness that I report the death of Catherine Ashley-Boulton (aka Windfola from Canalworld Forum), owner of Beren the greyhound and would-be boater. She cruised a few times with us as part of her investigations into life afloat with a greyhound. It was great that she met Sarah (aka Greygal) – the definitive guru of narrowboating with greyhounds.

Back in August she emailed Sarah and myself to tell us that she had found her perfect boat, had joyfully adopted a second greyhound, Cally with whom Beren was “in big lurvvve” and was looking forward to inviting us on board for an Autumn cruise. She took such pleasure from meticulously planning each aspect of her new life -from the overall design of a greyhound-friendly boat through to the technical detail of inverters, where to find a waterpoint, how to operate locks, right down mucky task of clearing the weedhatch. She really enjoyed her cruises with us, as did Beren, who proved to Catherine that he was equally happy on water and on the shore. Sarah and I discussed her vision with her in some detail and I think we were almost as excited as her when she told us she’d found THE boat. Last we heard she had managed to find a seller for her house – sadly that sale fell through.

I got the news via an email from one of Catherine’s close friends who is dealing with her affairs – mercifully Catherine’s greyhounds (and tortoise) have been safely rehomed.

Although I didn’t know Catherine very well, I was crushed by the news, and have been surprised by how much grief I feel – something precious has been lost forever – her life and the shining presence of her aspirations. When hounds die we say “run free at the rainbow bridge” so maybe for Catherine we say “cruise free beneath it……”

EDIT:   There is a Canalworld forum thread about her here.

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