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Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 16 October, 2011

Sunday 16th October

We has had a very borin’ week becoz mummy Sue has bin doin’ proper work an’ stuff but she sed “you rest now because you’ve got a busy weekend ahead”…

Here we comes - Archie an' me then Henry an' Lou.....

Well, she woz not jokin’ – I is almost too hexhausted to write me diary coz we’s had a big houndie party at my house today – me pals Archie, Henry, Big Sid and Monty came for Sunday dinner – oh, and Auntie Sarah an’ Uncle Andy – sumon’s gotta drive then here coz is too far for a hound to walk all the way from Suffolk…

Anyhoo, mummy Sue got us a BIG joint of beef – I woz very happy coz they is my speshal friends – I dun soopervisin’ the cooking so that it would be perfect but then mummy Sue sed “that’s for the hu-mum not for houndies”.

Well, I woz qwite hupset coz I thought mummy Sue woz gonna do sumfink mad like give us dog food for Sunday dinner and tha’s not right at all. But it woz ok – she used the top oven, wot I can’t see from the floor, to cooks us a speshal dinner – we gots ox heart risotto with oxtail jus – wot is posh talk for big lumps of meat in gravy wif rice. We’s got sum oxtail for breakfast, wot woz lushus – Lou didn’t wants hers so I ates it, so mummy Sue gave Lou anuvver bowl but she didn’t want that eifer so I ates that too – I fink that three breakfasts is just about perifck…

Wen me pals arrived we’s had a mad greyhound chase round the garden and I wonned all the races – round and I round I wents – wheeeeee……

Then we’s all had a little sleep, then we all hads a little rummage and dun wees evr’ywhere, then we’s dun helpin’ mummy Sue – we’s dun licking bowls an’ licking chopping boards an’ sniffing at stuff wot woz right at the edge of the table. Then we’s dun soopervisin’ in case mummy Sue burnt our dinner.

Dinner time - at last....

I is sad to say that our help woz not happreciated at all – the hu-mums kept sayin’ “blah blah blah get your nose out of my food blah blah blah” – is very difficult sumtimes wen we works so hard and is mishunderstood…..

We’s didn’t even get a reward wen we woz wotching them eats – we woz wurried that if they ates too much they mights have hindigestion so we kept sayin’ “enuff now” coz that joint of beef woz disappearin’ right in front of us…..

I didn’t fink the humans woz ever goin’ to stop eatin’ – after ages and ages we houndies fin’lly got fed – our doggie risotto an’ lots of luverly leftovers – we’s had seven dogs an’ seven dog bowls in the garden an’ we woz ever so good. But I duzn’t fink that Aunty Sarah has trained her hounds right coz they just scoffed wotever woz in their bowls but me, Ty an’ Lou knows that mummy Sue sumtimes tries to poison us wif kibble so we’s more careful about wot we eats….

It woz all sunny so we’s all laid in the garden an sunbafed – it woz luvverly – then we’s had anuvver rummage and then more sunbafing and sum more rummagin’…..

Well, that’s a lot of rummagin’ coz we couldn’t go to sleep prop’ly in case mummy Sue haccidentally dropped the beef onto the floor where it woulds have been a trip hazard – we woz on standby to clear up anyfink that mights fall on the floor, and ev’ryone knows that food sumtimes just jumps off tables into houndie moufs wen they is just passin’ by so we’s had to hextra-vigilant.

I’s had to be a good host so I’s made a big effort to stay awake all day longs, but wen Archie, Henry, Sid an’ Monty gots in their car I’s just threw meself onto me bed and closed me eyes – Lou an’ Ty woz already in beds hupstairs – houndie parties is very tirin’


Sum luvverly pictures of me an’ me pals in me garden….

Henry the hound finks he is still on the track....

Me an' Lou an' Archie - Lou is like six years older than Archie - she is still qwik tho'...

Monty woz the oldest of me pals - even older than Lou!

Archie an' Henry is like twins....

This is me - I is winnin'....

I is goin' round the bend.....

Gotta lean right into the bend....

Lou is havin' fun....

We is playin' wif a tennis ball - for like 5 minutes - we is not labradors...

Big Sid, Ty an Henry - they is like triplets...

I is just restin' me eyes....

Archie is so cute - he never gets to sleep at all coz his hu-mum keeps taking photos- let sleepin' dogs lie Aunty Sarah...

Henry dun lots of lookin' today - as we is not even on the boat - he is very henthusiastic....

7 Responses to “Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary”

  1. Jill and Graham said

    Those pictures are amazing; to see those guys move is something else. Did you get through the day without injuries/visits to vets?

  2. indigodream said

    Well, that’s a good question – we got through the day just fine – they had such a good time. Not that the adrenaline has worn off Lynx has pulled up lame and as Lou is banned from charging around (!) she is a little sore now too – Ty is just tired!

    Hopefully a week of greyhound snoozing will set them to rights 🙂

  3. indigodream said

    A good night’s sleep and the hounds are all fine – except that they are complaining that dog food is no good without roast dinner leftovers!

  4. Greygal said

    Deer Linx, has you managed to nik the roste and stick it in a jifi bag for your houndie mayts? Weez ungry cos our humum just feedz us kibal and bred and procest chiz. Itz pantz here – we wont rehomink with arnty sue.

    Archi, Enry, Montee, Big Syd

  5. indigodream said

    Deer pals

    I has not stolen the joint coz mummy Sue has put it under 24-hour guard wif men wot is wearing speshal helmets to resist me hamazing hypnopowers.I will steel the next one for you….



  6. Greygal said

    Oh no…we wos cownting on the roste in the post…weez dont fink mutch of your speshal hippo-powers if youz carnt get through funni helmetts. Weez starvin…and mummi has gone out all day..happi houndz we are not.

    Your hungri pals

  7. indigodream said

    How abouts I send you sum minse brasied in oxtail broth? Yous will know it is your parcel coz it will be drippin’ all over the postman’s trowsers…



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