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Archive for October 20th, 2011

Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 20 October, 2011


I is all for freedom of hexpression for all houndies ev’rywhere freed from the terr’ble hoppression of gramer an’ spellin’ an stuff, but I has to correct me houndie pals wot fink I has got ‘hippo’ powers.

Right, hippo powers is wen you walks along at the bottom of the water then jumps up with your hoooge mouf open and eats a canoe. I duz NOT have ‘hippo’ powers becoz:

a) I duz not do water (‘cept to drink o’ course)

b) I duz not fink that canoes is tasty

I has amazin’ HYPNO-powers – i.e. the power to get hu-mums to do me biddin’ wen it cumes to food, treets, chasing foxes at 4am an’ stuff…..

I hopes that helps coz I woulds hate for me pals to work on developin’ their hippo powers, wot is no use at all in a domestic sitooation, look into me eyes, remember, hypno powers…..

Now that's a hipp.....uh, sorry Lou

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