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Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 20 October, 2011


I is all for freedom of hexpression for all houndies ev’rywhere freed from the terr’ble hoppression of gramer an’ spellin’ an stuff, but I has to correct me houndie pals wot fink I has got ‘hippo’ powers.

Right, hippo powers is wen you walks along at the bottom of the water then jumps up with your hoooge mouf open and eats a canoe. I duz NOT have ‘hippo’ powers becoz:

a) I duz not do water (‘cept to drink o’ course)

b) I duz not fink that canoes is tasty

I has amazin’ HYPNO-powers – i.e. the power to get hu-mums to do me biddin’ wen it cumes to food, treets, chasing foxes at 4am an’ stuff…..

I hopes that helps coz I woulds hate for me pals to work on developin’ their hippo powers, wot is no use at all in a domestic sitooation, look into me eyes, remember, hypno powers…..

Now that's a hipp.....uh, sorry Lou

5 Responses to “Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary”

  1. Greygal said

    Cannoos suck! Glad you haz telt us the difference, Linx – we woz gettin hungri. Did your hu-mum tell you that we tryed to itchike to Surri for more hoxtale risotttto but weez got stuk on M25. That sux too.

    Your pals

    P.S Mummi has been on that fone thing to a dog wuman and weez mite be having anuver bruvver. And she sez weez barkin!

  2. Jill and Graham said

    Excuse me using your blog to pass this message on Sue; but would you tell Sarah and Andrew that they have COMPLETELY lost it! What happened to, “when we’re down to 3 dogs we’ll move onto the boat full time”?

  3. indigodream said

    Well Jill, I think it is YOU that has completely lost it – fancy you believing Sarah when she made that daft statement 😀

    Besides, she fancies a wide-beam – I reckon you could fit at least 10 greyhounds onto a 57′ x 12′ boat….

    Also, she says it’s my fault that she has so many hounds – it was that “we’re only fostering” lark – who was I kidding!!

  4. mickeys dad said

    Mickey says that he finks that Lynx has been eating some magic mushrooms!!! LOL

  5. indigodream said

    Yo Mickey, bruv in spirit, well, I sumtimes duz pick up uvver stuff wen I is eatin’ grass 😉

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