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Boat Blog: Vigilante boaters strike again…..

Posted by indigodream on 22 November, 2011

Wednesday 12th October

Following the success of my flying raid on nb Greyhound in Liverpool a few weeks ago, Richard thought he would try a hit on nb Matilda Rose in Birmingham – a favourite canal haunt of ours!

We knew from their blog that the crew of nb Matilda Rose had been in the wars and were facing the long climb up the Aston and Farmer’s Bridge flights with on 3 working ankles and one working circulation between them! Richard did some research and found a ridiculous (but convenient) train fare – just £35 return from Redhill to Birmingham via Marleybone – travelling at peak times! A return from Redhill to London at that time costs £26; a return fare to Birmingham via Euston was over £100 – unbelievable BUT we are not complaining.

So Richard set off at at 6am-ish – he stopped off in the office on the way to sort some papers, stopped off at the boat (moored in Paddington) to pick up his bike and set off to join Jill and Graham. He got to them by 10am-ish and had a wonderful morning of locking up two of his favourite flights. In the meantime I stayed at home and had a lie-in with the hounds!

Obviously Jill & Graham are very experienced crew though Jill has a serious failing, you turn round for a second and there she is heaving at a lock gate, she can’t seem to get a grasp on this concept of taking it easy just for a few weeks!  It was a fantastic morning, the weather was kind, the company was great and these two lock flights must be the best urban lock flights in the country. Graham even let me have a go steering, brave man! It is actually quite strange handling a different boat when you are so used to your own.

By mid-afternoon nb Matilda Rose was comfortably moored up in Central Birmingham and Richard was home in time for supper – a perfect day then….

You’d better watch out – with Indigo Dream moored in London for the next year no boat is safe – we may be crashing lock-flights wherever you are……


nb Matilda Rose...

Down the weedhatch...

Jill doing some unaccustomed gongoozling at Aston Lock 1 bridge...

And a more familiar sight - Jill striding between locks with Baxter and Muttley...

Approaching the bottom of Farmer's Bridge - it's such an interesting flight...

Emerging from the shade - this lock always seems so light after the shadows beneath Snowhill station and the BT Tower...

5 Responses to “Boat Blog: Vigilante boaters strike again…..”

  1. Lesley said

    Great news the launch ofthis new ‘dial-a-lock’ service! Can we prebook, are there discounts or early booking? I can think of a couple or more lock flights in late Jan early Feb that would fit the bill perfectly…
    X Lesley

  2. indigodream said

    No dicounts Lesley but we are open to a new currency – the beer – the basic unit is the beer with a simple exchange rate e.g. 1 beer = 1 sandwich; 1 beer = 2 proper coffees etc

    This is important as Richard will take his payment in beer but I prefer coffee….

    I look forward to taking your booking in due course… 🙂

  3. indigodream said

    ps Lesley, there are discounts for a good sob story – ask Graham how to use make-up to create a convincing bruise – Lynx can give you lessons on how to feign a convincing limp!

  4. nb Chance said

    Hi Sue and Richard

    Thanks for the comment on our blog, didn’t realise you hadn’t made the connection with us and nb Spirit/Chance. We do hope we meet up again soon, We will be hopefully be heading into London in April/May before going upto the Leeds and Liverpool, so perhaps our paths may cross. Doug

  5. Jill and Graham said

    I never touched that lock gate your honour; it was the wind what blewed it open just as, co-incidentally, I was walking past. We’re back in Banbury and we have ‘phones and internet again (only one day out of 3 weeks have we had internet). Thank you for entertaining my man so brilliantly at the weekend – he had a great time. Sorry I couldn’t face the logistics of transporting animals and their requirements xxx

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