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Boat Blog: Not your typical day at the office…..

Posted by indigodream on 30 November, 2011

Friday 14th October

Richard’s more established staff are well aware of Indigo Dream’s allure, having cruised on her themselves. However, Richard does have a few new galley slaves valuable team members who have yet to have the pleasure of cruising….

Everyone turned up at the office on Friday 14th facing a pile of work and a deadline – I’m told they worked tirelessly in order to clear, ahem, the decks, as it were before taking to the decks in the afternoon, an hour or so later then planned, pressures of work I am assured.

So it was that Richard’s newest member of staff, Emma, was gleefully texting her friends in New Zealand to describe what Friday afternoons were like in her office….


There is a photo further down of a film crew and a swan pedalo – I wonder if it was this crew? Their Facebook page is a little clearer….

Paddington on sea.....

Team building at Camden top lock...

Agnieska getting the Camden spirit...

What a lovely day for cruising...

Oh no, there's a hoodie on board...

While I was attending Catherine's funeral at 3pm, Richard raised a glass of "old Hooky" - from Catherine's home town of Hook Norton - a bottle which she gifted to us on her last cruise...

Emma getting the hang of helming - under Karolina's experienced eye...

An alternative use for what used to be a paired lock - sorry the photo is blurred but we wanted to record the 'event' - we've not seen them doing this before...

Happy boat...

The two towers?

How many fingers am I holding up? Ah, the helm has passed the corporate sobriety test...

How many drinks am I holding up? The alternative test....

This crew was filming a man in a swan-shaped pedalo - they begged some bread from Indigo Dream's crew - very authentic!

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