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Archive for December 8th, 2011

Boat Blog: Bow Locks….

Posted by indigodream on 8 December, 2011

How's that for a hagnover cure then 🙂

Saturday 26th November

Over the last month I’ve been attending a training course, which, co-incidentally, was held at a venue near Chesterfield. I travelled by train, reliving our Summer odyssey at high speed – on the way up I passed through Loughborough, Leicester and Nottingham and, thanks to a power cut in St Pancras, travelled back via Birmingham, Coventry, Watford and Milton Keynes!

The course finished late on the Friday night, so it was with regret that I rejected Richard’s offer of a Saturday morning cruise along Bow Creek. All was not lost though – Graham from nb Matilda Rose was in London for a boozy reunion on Friday night and had been musing on how to treat his hangover before coming out to a Greyhoundhomer dinner on Saturday. I’d suggested that he come to our house to sleep it off, but he took Richard’s suggestion of a ‘kill or cure’ breeze on the tideway instead!

Literally a breeze – the forecast was for lively winds in the afternoon though the morning was calmer. They had a good trip from Bow Locks to Bow Creek mouth and had planned to go upstream along the Thames round the Isle of Dogs up to Limehouse Lock. However by the time they got to Bow Creek mouth the wind had picked up and was blowing an alarming swell up the river so they gave the big river a miss – it’s a shame, but at least Graham got to see the view across to the O2.

Richard needed to get down Bow Creek to inspect a bit of river wall and look at a site from the river – a perfect combination of work and play I reckon….. They finished up with a quick trip up to the Olympic Park.


Steady as she goes Cap'n...

Moorings on Bow Creek...

This is what Richard was inspecting - but the tide was early so beat him to it....

Bow Creek has some great hairpin bends.... particularly round what we think is part of the stalled Ballymore development at Orchard Place

Bow Creek and the Lower Lea Crossing in perfect harmony...

Another view of the big barges.....


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