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Archive for December 19th, 2011

Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 19 December, 2011

Me hadventures up to 15th December….

Mummy Sue's got a wabbit on her hed - that's not right at all...

The last time I dun ritin’s I woz hexhausted after a houndie sleepova – well, I is still hexhausted on account of me hextitin’ life wot is full of drama and hincident….

“Far too much drama and hincident” sez mummy Sue, but is good for her to get out an’ see people – ‘specially the vet, wots are very luvverly to her, ‘specially wen she pays the bill….

So, where’s to start….

Wif ME, o’ course – remembers how I told you all how to coff, well, I’s been doin’ sooper-coffs so the vet dun lookin’ down me froat and sez I has got got tonsillitis – he gived me a hantibiotic injection wot reely hurt so I’s did me loudest greyhound screem of death and dun collapsing. But you know wot, I didn’t get any sympafy at all – mummy Sue sed I woz bein’ a big wuss coz Lou an’ Ty had the same hinjection last week and they didn’t screem at all – huh, I duzn’t believe her, I woz bein’ speshally tortured wif a spashal hinjection just for me – huff!

An’ I has to take tablets – wot is a problem – mummy Sue sez “Hey Lynx, here’s some yummy thinly sliced sandwich beef with cream cheese” – huh, she finks I is stuoopid – I has SEEN her putting the tablets in. But I has a cunnin’ plan – if I is very careful I can eats the beef an’ creem cheese (wot is lushus) and spit the tablets on the floor. THEN mummy Sue has to wrap the tablets up again so I gets more beef ‘n creem cheese – I is a genius!!!!!

So, Lou hads a hantibiotic injection coz she woz proper poorly sick wif a hinfection and a fever – mummy Sue woz ever so wurried but Lou is better now – I knows coz we dun chargin’ round the garden wif her tryin’ to bite me bum…..

Eeeek - an auntie Sarah's got a wabbit on her hed too....

Then mummy Sue woz lookin’ at Ty’s foot wen she sez “EEEEK” – Ty got a big angry red lump on his toe – mummy Sue thought “oh it’s just an infection, soon get it sorted” but no, the vet sez it woz a tumour wot would need a hoperation. Then, while Ty woz sleeping the vet took one of his teef as well!

I is never goin’ to sleep at the vet’s – you duzn’t know wot they is goin’ to do…..

It woz good wen Ty had his toof taken out coz the vets sed “Ty MUST have soft food for 10 days” –

“Wot Mr Vet? Soft food like finely chopped liver an’ chikkin’ an’ rice an stuff?”I asks

“That’s right Lynx” he sez.

So we’s all had soft food in case Ty ate our kibble and hurt hisself. I has tried to put me sad face on – 10 days wifout kibble – “Tragic” I sez, but I duzn’t fink that mummy Sue believes me….

Me an’ Lou has also been to see Blondie the physio wot gives Lou nice massages. I’s got a sore back an’ elbow an’ shoulder an’ ……..the more the physio dun proddin’ the more sore bits I got – WOT??

Monty, Ranger an' Susie woz chillies but we woz hot dogs at home...

Lou luves the physio but I dudn’z luv the physio – well, not until she sed “mummy Sue, you is a very bad mummy because Lynx needs more sardeens in his diet to keep his skin nice and smooth” – mmmmm, sardeens – maybe Blondie the physio is not so bad after all…..

Mummy Sue sez her nerves is in shreds so I sed “why duzn’t you give me a fuss, evry’one knows that fussing hounds is good for nerves”

But she sed “No, I is going’ for a relaxin’ criuse on the boat and you lot are staying at home so I don’t have to worry about you falling in the river…”

So we’s had a nice snoozy day in our comfy warm beds at home. But Auntie Sarah thought that mummy Sue would be sad wifout any greyhounds so me pals Ranger an’ Monty went cruising; and coz Auntie Sarah thought that mummy Sue would miss having a feisty top girl around she brought Susie too. They had a luvverly time tho they woz cold and mummy Sue had to wrap them all up in blankets. I duzn’t like it wen mummy Sue duz croozin’ wifout me, she duz strange fings wen I isn’ there to look after her – see them photos – her an’ Auntie Sarah have got wabbits on their heds – WABBITS – ON THEIR HEDS! Is not right, wabbits belongs in my tummy not on mummy Sue’s hed….

Note from Mummy Sue: We’ve had quite a fortnight with the hounds seemingly inventing new illnesses for me worry about! But the good news is that Ty’s tumour was benign and all the hounds are on the mend – so they should be – a week ago I fitted in 7 vet appointments into as many days!

This the silver cup wot I won at dog trainin' in 2010 - mummy Sue took a picture before giving it back becoz she sez I is so hoomiliatin' in training class that I will never wins anuvver - wotever.....

Ty wonned a medal in 2010 - but he's bin a big scaredy wuss jellyboy so he won't get anuver unless there's a medal for bein' a total jelly boy. Lou is fed up coz she didn't win anyfing tho' she did enjoy barkin' at all the uvver dogs in class wot is reward enuff...

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