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Archive for December 21st, 2011

Boat Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 21 December, 2011

Sunday 18th December

Me speshal chair made of cow - pleeze can I haves this for Chrissmas mummy Sue?

I has had a very bizzy weekend doin’ boatin’ and’ Chrissmas shopping an’ chasing sqwirrels….

On friday mummy Sue sed “save your energy hounds, you’re going to the boat”  so we’s just chilled out an’ waited ages for her to get ready. She woz ready well early but we wozn’t dun wif snoozin’, so Lou had the dire rear all over the kitchin floor then she frew up all over the carpet. I fink that mummy Sue woz pleezed reelly cos we gots more rest and she woz not early any more an’ she’s bin sayin’ all week how the kitchin floor needs a wash….

Heventooally we woz ready to go, so mummy Sue bundled us all in the car and we wents to Teddington. I likes Teddington becoz there is a park right next to the boat wot is full of sqwirrels. But mummy Sue sed “There’s not time to chase sqwirrels” so we’s had to do croozing. Woz ok tho’ – we mets sum new friends wot are mummy Sue’s friends – they said “what gorgeous hounds” and give us lots an’ lots of fuss.

Wen we gots to Kingston we’s stopped by anuver park wif BIG trees wot needed weein’ on – there mights have bin sqwirrels but they woz too high up so we’s just concentrated on wees.

Mummy Sue an’ Richard went to town so we cuddled up in our jarmies – mummy Sue sed “leave the heating on” so we’s were toastie on the boat. Then, wen we’s had a little snooze, mummy Sue an’ Richard came back and gave us sum hot chikkin wot woz only from Sainsbury’s but it woz better than no hot chikkin. Then they went out again and we’s had anuver snuggly snooze – Lou let me share her sofa I woz all manly and took my share of the sofa….

This woulds be a good frone for queen Lou....

Wen they came back again we’s had a little walk for more wee’s then we’s all snuggled up – it woz cold so we had our jarmies and blankets – brrrrr…..

On Saturday we wents shopping – I likes Chrissmas shopping coz I gets lots of nice fings all for ME, and Lou an’ Ty o’ course. I’s seen a chair wot I qwite fancie – it is made of cow so, like, you can sits on the fur, you can sniffs the luvverly cow smell AND you can eats if if mummy Sue forgets to buy a hot chikkin – perfick! So that’s my pressie sorted – it woz only £999 wot is a bargain compared to Lou’s specialist vet appointment wot woz £950! I seed a chair for Lou too wot is like a girly frone – we didn’t see a chair for Ty – he just likes mummy Sue’s bed!

After that we wents to the Chrissmas market so that people could gives us a fuss and we coulds choose our own sosidges from the speshal sosidge stand wots woz put in town just for hounds like us. Lou luves the market coz she can grins at people and wiggle her bottom so that she can have lots of fuss; Ty woz ever so brave so he gots lots of fuss too; but I is a famus author an’ soopermodel so I woz a bit more choosy about me fussin’ – anyhoo, no-one gives better ear rubs than my mummy Sue so I stuck wif her.

We woz a bit hexhausted after our shoppin’ but Richard bought us a top quality hot chikkin from Waitrose wot woz luvverly. Then we’s moved the boat back to Teddington an’ I got to chase some sqwirrels wot woz bein’ cheeky. Mummy Sue an’ Richard left us to do sum snoozin’s before comin’ back wif a chinese takeaway wot is our favrit leffovers in the world.

How about sum hog roast then....

I duz qwite like the boat but the sofa is not long enuff for Lou an’ Richard an’ me – it woz very uncomf’rtable so mummy Sue had to sit on the end in a deckchair and put a cushion and a sheepskin on her lap so that I coulds rest me had prop’ly. Once me hed woz comfy I coulds have a proper snooze and dream about me luvverly day….

But me weekend wozn’t dun – Lou woz pacing all night long so we’s hardly got any sleeps at all so at 6am I woz ready for a lie in. But mummy Sue and Richard got up and they made us get up too – wot!? We woz crooelly forced to go out for a walk in the cold – it woz so dark even the sqwirrels woz still asleep – not fair! But mummy Sue sed we coulds snooze on the river – d’oh mummy Sue, we can’t snooze on the river becoz we’s got to do lookin’, how’s we ever goin’ to be a winnin’ olympic lookin’ team if we duzn’t practice??

We’s dun lookin’ for hours but then we got back to our place in Limehouse – we’s bin to the dog park for wees – I luves the dog park coz it smells of all the dogs in London coz they all goes to wee there. I’s had hoped we could go straight back to our house home buts we stayed on the boat so mummy Sue could do cleening. I hates it wen she duz cleening! So me an’ Lou an’ Ty lay curled up and puts on our sad faces – sad faces is good becoz:

a) random strangers cumes and sez “you poor poor houndies” then gives us lots of fuss

b) mummy Sue sez “you poor poor houndies”and feeds us more hot chikkin

c) mummy Sue sez “I’m really worried about our poor hounds, lets take them home straight away”

So sad faces is a useful fing wot works well wif me famus hypno powers for getting hum-mum to do me bidding….

On maybe sum german sosidge - luvverly....

Fanks, mummy Sue, but next times why duzn't you buy a longer sofa....

Sumtimes is too chillies to do looking....

Lou woz a bit sad coz she duzn't like her orinj jacket....

Ty is lookin' sads coz he duzn't like anyfink that isn't home tho he wozn't qwite so much of a jellyboy this time....

I is doin' looking on the Thames - I is very brave....

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