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Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 8 January, 2012

Friday 6th January

How can Auntie Sarah fink me diary is not me diary???

Auntie Sarah came to crooze wif us on the boat today – she came so early it wozn’t even the mornin’ – it woz the middle of the night! Well’ me an’ Lou woz still asleep so we sed a qwik ‘hello’ to our pals Henry an’ Archie an’ Big Sid an’ Herbie then we wents back to sleep. First I did snoozin’ on the sofa then on Ty’s bed then on me sheepskin on deck – I is mummy’s Sue’s boy – she duzn’t do mornin’s so I duzn’t eifer – Kew Eee Dee yeah?

But then Auntie Sarah sed “Lynx is the prefect hound…”

Qwite right, I fort

“…..he’s so perfect that his diary can’t be real…..” sed Auntie Sarah

Wot? I fort

“Lynx’s diary is full of mischief and I can’t believe that Lynx rolls in poo or screams at the vet – it’s just not him…..” Auntie Sarah sez

Oh no, I fort, ‘ere cumes anuuver bleedin’ efical dilemma – me life is full of ’em – wot is very complicated for a hound coz now I’s got to choose:

a) I lets Auntie Sarah keeps finking that I is perfect (wot is good for a hextra fuss) but then she finks me diary is a pack of lies (wot it izn’t reelly)….

b) I lets Auntie Sarah know that me diary is totally the truf (wot it is) and that I is only a bit naughty wen she is not lookin’, wot is most of the time coz she duzn’t spend all of her time wif us, even if it duz feel like it sumtimes.

I has to make it so that Auntie Sarah will still luv me and bring me pals over to play and to do lookin’ and to do the retired houd ‘lympics, so wots do you fink I shoulds do???

4 Responses to “Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary”

  1. Elanor Napier said

    Tell her that you’re perfect while she’s around and naughty when she isn’t? That way hopefully she’ll think she should be around more to keep you good!

  2. indigodream said

    Fanks for the hadvice Auntie Elanor

    O’ course, it is easy for Sally coz she is good all the time – wot I finks wood be a bit of a strain reelly…

  3. Greygal said

    How about I remove the burden of an ethical dilemma from your shiny black shoulders, Lynx, and posit the belief that you are indeed the perfect hound and all those naughty things your mummy tells us about are simply a case of mistaken identity? One black beauty is very much like another – and funny how there is never any naughtiness when Ty is at nanny Renia’s!

    Your number one fan

  4. indigodream said

    Deer Auntie Sarah

    I is so pleezed that you is still me number 1 fan coz I fort maybe yous had gone off me ritins coz you duzn’t fink it it my ritins – you haz cum up wif the perfick answer – nuffink is ever my fault – it woz Ty – can I also blame Henry, Archie and Herbie, wot duz look a lot like me? I could blame Big Sid but he looks like Ty and duz nuffunk but sleep so I knows you woodn’t believe me. I’s would never ever ever try to blame black beauty Susie – I is not stoopid!

    xxx Lyxnie boy

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