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Archive for January 15th, 2012

Dog Blog: Leaway Lynx 1 September 2004 – 15 January 2012

Posted by indigodream on 15 January, 2012

Sunday 15th January

Lynx doing ‘olympic looking’ – with sheep!

Today the unthinkable happened……

The dogs had gone with Richard to visit his mother (aka nanny Renia) just for an hour or so. Now Renia’s garden is doggie heaven, generations of family dogs have always felt at home there and thoroughly enjoyed running round the acre grounds checking behind the various hedges, investigating the woods for traces of the many cats and foxes that regularly traverse the garden – basically a feast for the senses and so much fun .

Lynx settled in straight away – within a fortnight of moving in he was loving the boat and the views….

The visit started with the usual mad charge up the drive then grass flying as they kicked off up the first slope with Jelly Boy Ty in the lead, closely followed by Lou and Lynx. They had a wonderful charge round then came in, smiling, happy, briefly said hello, demanded water and flopped down in the living room. They had a second charge round whilst Richard was re-programming the TV and then, when it was time to leave, all 3 went out at great pace to have a last explore. Richard stood at the top of the drive, whistling and had difficulties getting any dog to come – they were far too busy! Lou ran down but went off to explore to one side, Ty ran round the house to the front door and pushed past Renia very anxious to get back into the house. Whilst Renia went upstairs to get Ty, Richard managed to get Lou to jump into the car and was whistling for Lynx with no response but then had to rush into the house as he had heard Ty bark, possibly distressed and not wanting to leave the bedroom where he was hiding. Ty was duly led to the car then Richard looked round for Lynx, still no response and no sounds of rummaging which led to an initial worry had he gone out through the open gate and been run over by the one car that had gone past in that time but a search of the road and verges proved to be negative.

Richard then went through the wood expecting to find Lynx with his nose glued to a hole in the fence – he used to go into a trance-like state if he thought there was a fox to be watched. But by now Richard was feeling anxious. There was no sign of Lynx in the wood, so Richard was about to explore behind the back hedges when he saw Lynx lying on his side on the grass, peaceful, looking like he was doing a Lou and having a quick rest before catching up with pack – but there was no chest movement, no heart beat, no breath, no response in the eyes and no response when Richard opened Lynx’s mouth to check inside. Lynx was dead……

He was such an endearingly handsome hound – a real advertisement for black greyhounds (which are often overlooked in rescue centres)…

I was at home while all this was happening – Richard rang with the terrible news and brought all three dogs home. I had already spoken to Lynx’s vet (aka Blondie the bloodsucker) about doing a basic autopsy, so once Ty and Lou had been fed we took Lynx’s body to the vet. An examination and x-ray confirmed that Lynx had broken his neck – death would have been instantaneous with no time for pain, which is a mercy. After a while, when we had a chance to say our last goodbyes, we went back to Richard’s mum’s garden just to see if there were any clues to what had happened – our best guess is that he slipped and took a head-over-heels tumble which broke his neck.

We have some small consolations – Lynx died doing what he loved most, rummaging at pace round an exciting garden, having a wonderful time. He always seemed to relish his life with us – from the moment he moved in to the moment he died. He loved cruising – both being close to us on deck and all the excitement of olympic looking at ducks and suchlike. The pain of his loss is indescribable – while Lou and Ty like to spend their day asleep on the most comfortable beds upstairs, Lynx would always lie in the same room as me and would follow me wherever I went, much as Blue used to do. The thought of tomorrow without Lynx is currently unbearable but bear it we must – what choice do we have?

The story of Lynx….

Leaway Lynx aka Lynx was a gorgeous black greyhound born on 1 September 2004 in Ireland and initially raced in Cork then in 2007 moved to this country and raced in Romford, Monmore, Oxford and Coventry. He stopped racing early, his last recorded race was on 27 July 2007 in Romford yet he was the fastest dog we have ever had.

Lynx doing what he loved best – charging round our garden with his pals….

He was initially rehomed by a lady in Ipswich, we are not sure when, but probably in November 2007. She looked after him well and trained him well but sadly in July 2010 her personal circumstances meant that she had to ask for help and we took him on as a foster dog on 25th July 2010 which seems like such a very short time ago. Lynx was a perfect dog, well yes, he did have an air of mischief about him and was very busy (for a greyhound) but he was simply fabulous. His character was such that he began to write a diary which quickly proved to be at least three times more popular than most other blog posts!

Many of you would have followed Lynx’s diary so know what a fantastic dog he was. We were privileged to have had him share our lives. We are gutted that our time with him was so short but delighted that he had lived life to the full and that every day had been an adventure for him.

I have two wry thoughts:

  • I hope that Lynx finds Blue at the rainbow bridge and that they are running free together having boys own adventures full of mild mischief
  • I have to avoid calling Lou the “black widow” – against all the odds she has outlived two of her boyfriends – I hope that she lives a long life and doesn’t dispatch Ty for a good many years yet….

We are devastated and can only say “Run free Lynx”…..

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