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Boat Blog: Log entry

Posted by indigodream on 29 January, 2012

Sunday 22nd January

Richard popped up to the boat today to tick a few chores off his extensive to-do list:

  • he fitted the isolation transformer
  • he set a small oil radiator to keep the boat aired and frost-free (if we get any serious frost in London this year). The heater is a cheapie 1.5Kw from Screwfix and set to come on the 3 hours a day -we reckon it will be much cheaper than using the Webasto while we’re hooked up to shore power in the marina.

Meter reading was 14.3

The bit of kit we eventually bought was an Airlink WP3231 Transformer though we did also look at the more expensive ones from the usual suspects eg Victron and heaven knows how many galvanic isolators. There is a load of information on the web, eg search on canalworld forum but the best guide we found was on Gibbo’s site – click here.

The Airlink comes with no instructions, you take the cover off to get to two glands and inside there is a label from which you can work out which terminal is which. The box itself does not have any predrilled holes for the cable glands so you need holesaws for them (yes holesawS as the glands are different sizes!) but installation is easy, just a question of stripping some wires, putting them into screw terminals one end and waterproof plugs at the other end. We got the plugs from Screwfix – link here and some 2.4mm² artic cable from B&Q’s bargain bucket but I see that Airlink can now supply a unit pre-wired.

We took Ty with us to see if being on the boat without the engine running would be a little less scary – it wasn’t! He curled up in a little ball on his bed and trembled, but at least he wasn’t in a total panic so we are getting somewhere, slowly.

We hadn’t meant to take Lou because she’d been very stiff over the weekend, but she insisted. This was a big mistake as somewhere during the day’s activities she managed pulled her pectoral muscles (probably from using her front legs to heave herself upright/up the boat steps – she has arthritis in one of her knees and in her back – this means that she sometimes lacks a ‘spring’ and relies too much on her front end to do the work – long story!). So my subsequent week has been taken up with visits to the vet and doggie physio – I am quite proud of myself because yet again I have resisted taking Lou’s valium despite intense provocation 🙂

While Richard was at the boat, I was attending my interview to be an Olympic volunteer. This was held at Excel and I really enjoyed being back at the Royal Docks – though Victoria Dock looks much better with a fleet of moored narrowboats! Richard has already been accepted as a volunteer and starts his training in a fortnight’s time. My Olympic experience was a bit of a farce, so it’s worthy of its own entry later….

Jenni from the boat opposite usefully told us that there was a berth holders meeting on Thursday – we had not been notified…..

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