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Archive for February 15th, 2012

Boat Blog: A bit of gas….

Posted by indigodream on 15 February, 2012

Which could justifiably be a post about our greyhounds’ whiffy bottoms but isn’t…..

Thursday 2nd February

I popped up to the boat today to meet Pedro (aka Peter Lewis – long story!) – a local gas-safe and general boat engineer based in Limehouse. I have finally got round to getting our gas hob fixed – two of the four rings are not working, and haven’t worked since about April last year!

Limehouse was ice-free, which was encouraging, but the weather forecast was not so I set the Webasto on timer to come on for a couple of hours in the morning and evening. The electric heater has done a good job of keeping the boat’s interior frost-free but our calorifier is in the engine bay – I’m hoping that running the Webasto will keep these pipes warm.

I briefed Pedro (07831 800470 Email or – remove nonsense to get a proper emaila ddress) on the job – he will check the whole gas system while he’s at it – we’re considering going for a commercial BSS which is one step in the process of enabling us to rent Indigo Dream out as accommodation during the Olympics. So, maybe it is naughty of us to frown at BWML’s Olympic profiteering when we might be doing a bit of our own 🙂

Pedro got back to me on Tuesday with the good news that all four rings on the hob were now working – the gas ‘jets’ were a bit gunked up with rust. He also tested the gas system – it was all fine, so there was no good cause for the random gas alarms we had last summer (apart from the time we moored under the M1!). However (and there’s always a ‘however’ when you let an engineer loose on your boat!), our electric igniter unit (which lights the gas) has an erratic fault – Pedro set off to find out more about the unit to see whether it’s fixable, and how much a new unit will cost if it isn’t. He came back a few days later – the new igniter unit was a reasonable £21 so we told him to fix it. In the end, the bill for the whole works came to less than £150 – cheap enough for the reassurance that there’s nothing wrong with our gas system. The best bit, of course, is that with four working rings on the hob, I can now make bacon, egg and sausage butties, oh, and boil a kettle for the tea drinkers all at the same time!

Note: Richard went to the boat on 4th to put a few more units onto our electricity post – he was relieved to find that the consumption is not as high as he’d first suspected so the electric heater will be a good option while we’re at our home mooring.

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