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Archive for February 17th, 2012

Dog Blog: a boost for Greyhoundhomer…

Posted by indigodream on 17 February, 2012

Friday 3rd February

This was a red-letter day for Richard – for over a year he’s been plotting, cajoling and drinking beer with his various industry contacts in order to secure a substantial donation for Greyhoundhomer – today the cheque was finally presented. The final donation was £2,000, but Pat and her Greyhoundhomer team came out to the presentation expecting to receive only £100 – what a wonderful surprise.

I could write more but firstly I am not allowed to mention any towns in Greece or this years date, all as per the somewhat onerous regulations set out here or here and secondly I doubt whether I can do any better than the press release:

Substation wall of fame will set greyhounds on the right track, Ibstock double donation

Pat from Greyhoundhomer receiving a cheque for £2,000 from Stewart Morton of Ibstock - accompanied by a team of dedicated enthusiasts who helped make it happen....

In 2009 the team constructing a new UK Power Networks substation in East London featured on a ‘wall of fame’ which raised £1,000 for rescue greyhounds.

Engraved bricks were sold to the team working on a project that will keep electricity supplies flowing to thousands of people in the area and incorporated into a wall inside the building. The wall contains the names of 42 UK Power Networks staff and contractors who have helped design and construct the substation, including the makers of three giant 125tonne transformers and switches which help operate the equipment.

For a £25 contribution to the charity Greyhoundhomer, a branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust in Ockenden, each contributor had their name and role added to a brick on the substation wall.

The Substation building has subsequently achieved fame by winning awards, including the supreme award at the prestigious Brick Awards. In recognition of this award Ibstock, the UK’s leading brick manufacturer, has very kindly agreed to double the original donation and on Friday handed over a cheque for £2000 to representatives from Greyhoundhomer

The cost of engraving the bricks was sponsored by Andrews Associates, the structural consultants to UK Power Networks for the project, so that every penny raised by the staff and contractors went directly to the charity.

Richard, from Andrews Associates, said: “The names won’t be seen by the public but in the future engineers might walk round the site, notice the wall and say ‘Ah look who was the contract manager on this job’. We have worked so hard to achieve this project on schedule and this is a good way of thanking everyone for their commitment. We had fantastic support from Ibstock through the course of this project and it is wonderful that they have stepped up and doubled the original worker’s donation”

Katie from Greyhoundhomer and Stuart from Ibstock at the "wall of fame"...

Pat Philpot, a volunteer coordinator with Greyhoundhomer, became involved with the charity through her husband who was a greyhound trainer. They kept racing dogs at home but wanted to give something back to retired dogs that could not find a home.

Mrs Philpot said: “We are over the moon about the money. It normally takes us a day collecting money to raise £100, so we really appreciate this support, particularly in these stretched times. The funds will go towards our vet bills.  All our dogs are neutered, inoculated, wormed and provided with a coat, lead and muzzle before they leave us. It costs more than £100 to re-home each dog.

“We have 20 dogs at any time and as one goes out another one comes in. We check every home and arrange follow-up calls. It’s lovely when they are accepted as a pet in a good home. They are such beautiful animals and they adore children. This money will make a real difference to us, thank you Ibstock”

A detail from the award winning sub-station showing the subtle play of light along the black Ibstock brick wall....

What it's really about (1) - a happy retirement for all ex-racing greyhounds....

Donations to Greyhoundhomer, whether £2 or £2,000 can make such a difference to an ex-racer's life....

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