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Archive for February 19th, 2012

Boat Blog: Boring log entry…..

Posted by indigodream on 19 February, 2012

The start of the new pontoon construction - this one will run along the marina wall and join up with the existing structures which lead to the entrance gate...

If I understand the plans correctly, this pontoon will be extended and several finger pontoons will be added (jutting out at right angles)....

Thursday 16th February

One of the biggest benefits of the blog is that it acts as a more reliable memory than the one I carry in my head! No sooner had we published the previous boat blog post than I realised that the Webasto was still on, drinking diesel, when the temperature was now well above freezing!

So I popped up to the boat today to turn the Webasto off, check our electricity meter, fuel levels and have a general check on stuff. The marina looked very fine in the morning sunshine and I breathed a sigh of pleasure just at being on the water; and it was water – there was no sign that the marina had been frozen had just a scant few days ago. We had 14 unit lefts on our card (each unit is 10 kWh) – so we’ve only used 4 units since the 4th February. We still have a quarter tank of diesel, so the Webasto could have stayed on a little longer (it burns approx. 1l/hour and our tank holds 220 litres) but we may not move the boat until mid-March now so best not to waste it…..

While I was there I cleaned the floor, again, how could it have become so grubby when we’ve not even been on board????

I pottered around for an hour before reluctantly re-joining the ‘real’ world. As I left the marina I was surprised to see that work to install the new commercial pontoons is well underway. Logically they’d have to be, there are only a few months to go before the start of the Olympics, but I was surprised that they haven’t started to re-shuffle the narrowboats yet – that ‘turning circle’ looked tight before they started the new construction!

Aah, this post is so dull I’ll just throw in some more cute houndie photos – these are from the second day of the sleepover, when everyone was slowing down a bit!

Ty and Monty getting busy...

Archie - there was a lot less charging and a lot more rummaging on the Sunday...

Herbie hound having a rummage...

Henry having a good sniff - there are lots of new smells under the snow....

Henry always has a bit of energy to spare!!

Old boy Monty looks full of beans too.....

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