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Dog Blog: Oops…..

Posted by indigodream on 5 March, 2012

Sunday 4th March

So, how does one slide into greyhound addiction…….

  • Go to Battersea Dog’s home, ask for a small female lurcher; take their advice and actually take Blue – a large male ex-racing greyhound…
  • Ollie making himself at home - he shares a granddad with Lynx and a great-granddad with Ty hence his resemblance to both!

    Blue the greyhound is great, let’s get another………

  • Blue and Lou are fabulous – oh no, Lynx is in desperate need, let’s foster….
  • When Lynx goes back to his original home we’ll be back to two – that’s a good thing….
  • Oh no, we’ve lost beautiful Blue, there’s a vacancy…..
  • If there’s a chance let’s adopt Lynx….
  • But it’s very quiet without Blue and we could take in another foster and Ty really really needs a loving home….
  • Lynx’s mum can’t take him back – let’s adopt him – hurrah!……
  • We can’t give up on poor Ty, he’s so vulnerable – let’s adopt him too – hurrah!…..
  • It is quite a challenge to transport three greyhounds round the country, maybe after Lou’s day we’ll go back to two……
  • Two is definitely the optimum number….
  • Oh no, we’ve lost Lynx, our lovely lively boy, but maybe this is our chance to stick with two like we intended……
  • No, it’s no good, we need another lively boy, it’s too quiet without Lynx……

So how come we are now sitting at home with our new pack of FOUR greyhounds – permanent fixtures brindle girl Lou and black boy Ty as well as foster hounds brindle girl Poppy and black boy Ollie?????

We are such suckers for a sob story…..

Dog rescue charities are full to the rafters at the moment, and Greyhound Homer (Suffolk) have recently been inundated with hounds sent to them by the National Retired Greyhound Trust after a greyhound trainer went bust, leaving all of his hounds in need of new homes. Sadly, though, they’ve also had 3 returnees (from other homes) who appear to have suffered from terrible neglect – in Poppy and Ollie’s case they came back starved, dehydrated and in very poor condition. They weren’t even fit enough to be fostered, but after a month or so of loving care in kennels, along with some major dental work, they are looking much better. They’re not quite ready for rehoming – Poppy needs to put on a bit more weight and both need a bit of time in a home to get them settled and happy before we start looking for a new family for them.

Poppy is tiny enough to be a lapdog.....

Poppy and Ollie have lived together for many years and are a proper pair. They are very spry for ‘oldies’ – Poppy will be 11 in August and Ollie will be 9 in April – they seem to be very bouncy considering what they’ve just experienced. They are very diminutive compared to our hephalumps, being both a slighter build and underweight.

Feel free to join in with the general hilarity, but our plan is to foster Poppy and Ollie for a couple of months until the weather gets warmer and Greyhound Homer have had a chance to clear their current overload. After that they’ll be ready to find a new home, hopefully direct from foster without having to go back to kennels for any length of time. Of course, we will give updates as we find out more about their characters, and I don’t doubt that they will give regular reports about the quality of their care here…..

So, think about it, could YOU provide the loving home that Poppy and Ollie deserve? Remember that wherever they go, they go together…..

If you have room in heart and home then get in touch with Sally or Kevin at Greyhound Homer. Needless to say, given their history, stringent home checks will be done to ensure that these poor hounds have the best of care for the rest of their days…..

Now, if you feel outraged about the neglect that these hounds have suffered, don’t waste your energy having a rant about their previous owners, do something more constructive and give a donation to the animal welfare charity of your choice – it’s the best way to make a difference, unless you want to foster or adopt of course πŸ™‚

Lou and Poppy are both top girls - there may be a reckoning at some point but it's peaceful for now....

No matter how nice the new home there's always some annoying downside - like baths! Twice in Poppy's case - once to get her groomed and once to clean off the duckweed after she fell in the pond!

Ah, and this is Ed, Sarah's new foster dog, which brings her to nine - it's ok, as long as she's got more dogs and boats than us we know we're perfectly sane!!!

Archie at our house - he is promoting a new houndie olympic sport - sofa gymnastics!

Sarah popped in last Friday - we drank coffee and the combined half-packs charged around! When we first met, Sarah had five hounds and we had two; I'm not sure how it happened but we currently have 13 between us πŸ™‚

How many greyhounds does it take to dig a hole? One to dig and one to watch of course! That would be Lou and Ty in action....

10 Responses to “Dog Blog: Oops…..”

  1. Jill and Graham said

    “….both need a bit of time in a home to get them settled..” Mmmmmm…that’s been achieved very quickly then. When you go out to buy more of the memory foam dog beds, they now do them in a more practical charcoal grey. Whilst you are there, you could also enquire about bulk discounts – let’s face it, if Sarah now has 9 you could have 8 (by your reasoning) and still look…ish. Oh my lovely deluded friends.

  2. Greygal said

    Ooh, Sue, they do look fabulously settled already…shame to disturb them really. And two small ones equals one hephalump so you’re okay there. And as J&G say, you’ve still got loads of room before you’re even partially insane by comparison – you’re not even half way yet. Have you spoken to Richard about the 10 foot rear dog deck extension yet?

  3. Marina, Simon and the hounds said

    Oh Sue, they look so well already! Isn’t it amazing how resilient these wonderful creatures are. By Si’s reckoning two hounds is quite normal and quite enough, but any more and it’s bordering on eccentric (I think he’s trying to discourage me!), by which count you may as well carry on… I mean, eccentric people are so much more interesting, don’t you think? ;D Happy ‘fostering’…

  4. indigodream said

    I’m constantly amazed at how trusting dogs are – I registered them with our local vet today – Poppy and Ollie weren’t impressed by his inspection so they cuddled up to me and hid their noses under my arms – but they’ve only known me for 24 hours…..

  5. Lesley said

    Kerjing! Kerjing!
    Oh Happy Vet.
    Four is a nice round number don’t you think, a bit like two but twice as good. Colour co-ordinated as well, two brindles and two blacks…
    Fostered you say…

    Well done you big hearted pair!
    X Lesley

  6. Message from Sally:

    See, if you’d got a doberman lurcher first off, how different your life would be! πŸ˜‰

    They look lovely, can’t wait to meet them.

    Tell Archie I’m up for the new sport; I’ve reached the advanced stage where you start with a cat on the sofa, and you have to jump on and settle down without the cat getting off.

    Very challenging. Bonus points if the cat ends up underneath you!

    Loads of licks (fancy a Frenchie?)


  7. chazat said

    They all look lovely Sue –

    How do you get them all on the boat??? Bobs really hates it (especially getting on and off) and we are worried about our new grey, lizzie (have a look at my blog!). Well, she will have to learn!!

    Greys rule!


  8. indigodream said

    Hi Charlie

    Well, the boat was purpose-built with our old lurcher in mind (though Indie didn’t live long enough to cruise) so it’s perfect for greyhounds – especially the stairs from the cabin to the deck which are shallower than normal. The enclosed cruiser stern means that when we have lots of greyhounds on board then they can use the outside and inside space – this helps a lot….

    …it also helps if the humans on board have been trained to tiptoe round heaps of snoozing greyhounds without treading on tails, paws and other sticking out bits πŸ™‚

    Our greys (so far) have adapted to life on board because of the opportunities to create havoc in new places – the only one who hasn’t is Ty, who just doesn’t like new places full stop! We’ll see how Poppy and Ollie take to life on the water at the weekend – they’ve both managed to fall in our pond so we’ll have to watch them until they get their ‘river legs’….

  9. chazat said

    Thanks for your reply Sue!!

    We will have to come and look at Indigo and see what you have done – my wife, Rebecca, does worry about this for the future and our plans to ‘live aboard’. Your ‘shallower than normal’ stairs are interesting – and our two boys are learning the ‘tiptoe’ techniques really well – I often wonder what they will be like in a few years when they are both bigger than me. Hopefully if we start them young…………………

    Bobby does enjoy the ‘creating havoc’ part and he is a real success at locks when there is a queue – but that’s to be expected as he is such a handsome boy (as are yours – the boys anyway!!). Our boat (or share) is not designed for a Grey, particularly such a big fellow as Bob, he copes, but moans a lot!! It is love hate for him, loves being able to wonder and sniff, hates trying to get comfy. He isn’t a sofa Grey and avoids the L sofa. Lizzie however loves the sofa – so I think she will enjoy it more – hopefully she will confirm this when we are next on board.

    Good luck this weekend and please tell us about how ‘Poppy and Ollie’ – the pond dwellers – get on.


  10. indigodream said

    Hi Charlie

    Well, if you’re a follower of the blog you’ll know that you and your hounds are welcome to join us on board – they can compare notes with our pack!

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