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Dog Blog: Thoughts on rainbows…

Posted by indigodream on 6 March, 2012

Sunday 4th March

The scientist half of my brain tells me that rainbows are just a colourful bit of physics; but since I was a child, my heart has informed me that a day with a rainbow always has some hope. Maybe this is why the idea of the rainbow bridge appeals so much…

I have struggled to come to terms with Lynx’s death, it was all so….unfair. But today we took in two new foster dogs – neglected hounds who are in desperate need of some special care…

We took Ty, Poppy and Ollie (Lou’s too stiff) for a walk in a woods where we have walked generations of dogs. At first it was raining, but then a blazing sunset set the trees afire. As we came to the end of the walk, a glowing red rainbow grounded in the field just in front of us. I had the sudden thought that maybe that this was the end of the rainbow bridge, coming to collect Lynx’s spirit. I had a similar experience after Blue died, when a rainbow descended on one of our favourite walks and eased my soul as his moved on…..

Taking this as an omen, I said a silent ‘goodbye’ to my Lynxie boy with tears in my eyes and walked on with our two new and needy hounds – there’s work to be done….

I took this photo on my phone so it's not the best quality but it's a nice reminder of the moment....

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