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Boat Blog: Weekend Plans

Posted by indigodream on 9 March, 2012

Friday 9th March

At last, we have a chance to go cruising……

With the Regent’s canal closed for the most gruesome of reasons – see link here – our only option is to go up the tideway – good practice for the pageant!

So far we have worked out that high tide on Saturday is at 3:30pm – conventional wisdom is that we can lock out of Limehouse around 3½ hours before high tide so that means we’ll need to leave around 12 noon – this will give us enough time to top up our diesel beforehand at New Era. It is a very high tide at 7.4m – Richard’ s head will be brushing the underside of Hammersmith Bridge….

We had multiple options for the weekend, including a little trip up the Wey, but we have a slight (but very typical) complication in that I have to stay at home with the hounds – it won’t surprise you to know that Poppy and Ollie have managed to acquire cuts on their first off-lead adventure and are variously stapled/stitched so we’ll spare them the effort of clambering on/off board. However we had planned for Sarah, Andy and their hounds to cruise with us for the weekend, so the current plan is for Richard to see them up the tideway then he’ll leave them to potter around on the Thames (they can get as far as Chertsey) before supervising them back down to Limehouse on Sunday afternoon.

Poppy and Ollie have been delightful house guests so far; Lou and Ty are resigned to their being around and we’ve had a harmonious week……

4 Responses to “Boat Blog: Weekend Plans”

  1. Greygal said

    Wahoo, see you in Bristol! We’re off! Hope you didn’t want your boat back!

  2. indigodream said

    This is why we offered you the boat when we KNOW that there are going to be stoppages upriver!!!

  3. Jill and Graham said

    I bet they’ve already had her re-painted and changed the licence plates. Sad to hear you’re still keeping your vet solvent

  4. indigodream said

    The vet would have spent Friday evening eating caviar and drinking champagne! Poppy and Ollie are ok though – just typical greyhound cuts – they are so thin-skinned…

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