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Archive for April 1st, 2012

Odds Blog: Dividing our labours…

Posted by indigodream on 1 April, 2012

Saturday 25th March

I’m a week behind with the blog – yet again!

We had a busy week after the excitement of the rugby, so we hadn’t planned too much last weekend. Actually, that’s not quite right – Richard had written himself an impossibly lengthy to-do list and gritted his teeth against his fatigue to get started…..

Dog blog:

Ollie, our foster boy, enjoying a snooze after a busy day of....well, snoozing and eating!

…..In the meantime I looked after the hounds. I think that Poppy and Ollie are doing very well indeed – they have gained condition and Poppy has put on some weight. But when I took her for a ‘weigh in’ at the vet’s on Friday 24th, he was concerned that she wasn’t thriving quite as much as he’d expect – she’d held her weight this week but hadn’t gained any. I was very surprised because Poppy eats with passion – every three hours! I needed to get cooking – high protein meat to supplement the milk and puppy kibble that she’s currently eating. I’m getting to like the smell of boiling offal – as long as I don’t have to eat it myself!

Once I’d cooked the meat, the hounds, of course, demanded that they try some of it – quality control you understand!

So it was almost midday before I set off to Barking to join Greyhoundhomer at another “Paws in the Park” event. Lou stayed at home this time – she has a big bandage on her foot, having sliced her ‘palm’ quite deeply on Monday – more stitches! Ty would rather be at home anyway so I took Poppy and Ollie with me.

It was a beautifully sunny day in Mayesbrook Park – there were hordes of people enjoying the green space. Luckily for the charities that had assembled, there were enough dog-owners to make it worth their while and Greyhoundhomer made some money from this event. I wasn’t there to help today so I just mooched around, bought new fancy collars for Poppy and Ollie and took the opportunity to ‘test’ them in the company of dogs of all shapes and sizes.  I was pleased to see that although they’re very curious about other greyhounds, they totally ignored the other dogs – including several chihuahuas and two bald ‘chinese crested’. Poppy was very popular – she’s an outgoing, pretty brindle girl – she has a strokeably soft ‘puppy’ fur at the moment because she’s lost her scurfy old fur and has replaced it with new. She really enjoyed the attention; Ollie got a lesser share of the fuss – he’s a quiet sort and not as immediately engaging, though he is thoroughly charming when you get to know him. They behaved impeccably and were excellent ambassadors for the breed – astounding when you think about what they’re been through.

Poppy also knows how to make herself comfortable...

Note: the parks of Barking are a revelation – who’d have expected so many large, well-maintained green spaces in such an industrial suburb?

Boat Blog:

Richard went to the boat today to:

  • take out the old throttle cable
  • correctly arrange and tie-off the new throttle cable
  • tidy the boat (though sadly he did miss the half-packs of sausages and bacon in the fridge – more on them in the next post!)
  • fill the water tank
  • get the reference numbers from the cable packaging so that he could order another one; sadly the reference numbers did not seem to be right as he couldn’t find them on the internet. River Canal Rescue were able to supply the correct number and he ordered another cable quite cheaply via their website (discounts for members) – Richard says the service from RCR was excellent.
  • re-do the screws holding the panel which covers the throttle cable – for reference they are 5mm. Note: we need some more!

We had a few more takers at today's "Paws in the Park" event...

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