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Archive for April 8th, 2012

Boat/Dog Blog: Best laid plans…..

Posted by indigodream on 8 April, 2012

Thursday 5th April

Lou (on the 'top'!) and Poppy Puppy (as I call her) getting close - the girls have made their peace - Lou is top dog, Poppy a whisker behind her and the boys - well, it's nice being at the bottom of the pack - no decisions to make, just do as you're told....:-)

Our plan was to take the day off today and move the boat from Teddington to Woodham Junction (on the Wey) but our plans have gone totally awry and, yet again, we won’t make it to the Basingstoke Canal.

We haven’t had a good build up to the weekend – Richard has been quite ill with a nasty chest infection, his work has been very stressful and the weather’s been deteriorating (especially the wind) all week…

But our plans were properly scuppered when we found one of our foster dogs, Poppy, staggering around first thing on Thursday morning – something serious was going on. An emergency visit to our vets, followed by a whole day at the neurologist, confirmed that she had suffered from a stroke in her cerebellum which has affected her movement – she has a particular problem controlling her front left leg. The scan showed that this is not her first stroke and her brain is not in good condition – both likely consequences of abuse and neglect. We also had her back scanned and she has a slipped disk, which has been causing her pain since we got her (it’s probably been sore for a lot longer than that). Luckily there wasn’t any cancer anywhere, though her kidneys aren’t working as well as they could be.

The good news is that the neurologist believes that Poppy will recover with time, patience and lots of TLC – the main problem is to stop her from hurting herself while she’s so unsteady on her feet. We have a special nutritional supplement which will protect/repair her brain tissues and some new painkillers to help her back. The rest – scanning her kidneys and heart – can wait for another time – we need to, literally, get her back on her feet first.

The neurologist was in Wimbledon – a little too far for me to travel home so I lurked around the quaint coffee shops of Wimbledon Village, in no mood to appreciate their delights. I was alternatively sad and angry – it’s so cruel and unfair that Poppy should have been struck down like this. It’s barely been three months since Poppy was rescued from starvation and neglect – I’d hoped that whatever time is left to her would be full of joy and contentment.

Poppy in front (of course), with Ty and Ollie following on - they are very good on and off lead....

Ok, ok, I know I’m being over-dramatic – she can still have joy and contentment – she’s amazingly cheerful considering that she’s having trouble getting her legs co-ordinated. The photos are pre-stroke and Lou cutting her foot (so a couple of weeks old) but Poppy looks the same – the stroke has not affected her ability to lie down and get comfortable 🙂

In the meantime, the cut on Lou’s foot has finally started to heal though she’s still very disgruntled because of the huge bandage she has to wear.

As for boating – well, we can’t make it onto the Wey in time to join the Basingstoke convoy, but that still leaves us lots of options. Richard, who is ailing, will stay at home with the dogs – we can’t take Poppy boating when she’s so unsteady on her feet. Sarah and Andy are due to join us tomorrow and we’ll decide what to do from there. We could take the boat back to Limehouse, but we’ll probably take her upriver for a jaunt – an April micro-odyssey before we return to Limehouse to take part in the many pageant rehearsals planned for May.

Oh it's such a hard life - Ollie and Poppy feel the cold more than Lou and Ty - they don't have enough insulation!!!!!

Lou is so photogenic - this will be one of the entries for the 2013 Greyhoundhomer calendar - can she make it in for the fifth year running???

Poppy, Lou and Ollie - against all expectation, Lou is letting the 'newbies' into her personal space - amazing!

Ty, Poppy and Ollie this time - Ty and Ollie like bossy women so they're both getting on well the girls...

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