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Dog Blog: Poppy Puppy’s Perfectly Personal Page – Private!!

Posted by indigodream on 18 April, 2012

Friday 13th April

Me practising for the catwalk - uh, Mr photographer, you'll need a faster lens dahling!

Eeeuw, Mummy Sue, fancy starting to type up my notes on Friday 13th, I mean, like, it’s soooo unlucky and a girl needs all the luck she can get – eeeuw!

Anyway, my name is Poppy – Tarsna Poppy to my fans, but you can call me Poppy Puppy…..because I’m like a puppy – duh!

Ok, so I’m not actually a puppy but I like, look like a puppy, and I feel like a puppy so what’s my actual birthday got to with anything…..

I’ve been living in Surrey for like, six weeks, now – I wanted to live in Chelsea with the ‘it’ girls, but they only have stupid chihuahuas so I’ve come here instead. Mummy Sue says that all the best ageing stars live in Surrey – huh, is she saying I’m old??

Because I’m not at all old – see, Mummy Sue keeps saying that 50 is the new 30, so…….I’m like 70 in hu-mum years, which is the new 50, which is the new 30 – see, I AM a puppy!

I’m a dainty girlie greyhound; I have an adorable nose and tiny delicate paws; I’m a natural brindle with the softest puppy fur – I’m very special – that’s what everyone says! I like food and snoozing best – but only if my bed is in just the right place – Mummy Sue like, put my bed in the wrong spot the other day and I had to spin round and round until she got the hint. And, AND she sat on my bed last night so I had to make a huge fuss – that’s MY bed!

Me and my friend Ed - we used to share a pad at Greyhound Homer Suffolk - nice resort but really too crowded - that's the trouble with these places, they start out exclusive then they let just anyone in - eeeuw!

Hu-mums are so dim – I mean, sometimes she gives me dog food -doh, I’m special so I need proper food like chikkin and steak….

I like smiling too – Mummy Sue says I must have been to charm school – she says it doesn’t matter that I haven’t got any teeth – duh, don’t tell everyone…

I live with my boyfriend Ollie, he’s like a bit quiet, but he, like, really loves me; but now I’ve got Ty too – he’s big and strong and glossy – he’s a bit dim but oooh, look at those muscles – hmmmm. Then there’s Lou, she likes to think she’s top girl – I just let her; I mean, you’ve got to feel sorry for her – not every natural brindle can be a supermodel like me!

But Lou says she is a glamour model – I can’t believe it, she’s been  a calendar girl for, like four years running. I have to admit that she does know how to work it – the camera loves her (and you can do so much with photoshop these days…….).

But I’m the real thing, I’ve got the catwalk prance – see, I’m so pretty!!

That’s enough for now – I need my grooming and then I’m going boating in trendy Henley.

xxx, Poppy Puppy

7 Responses to “Dog Blog: Poppy Puppy’s Perfectly Personal Page – Private!!”

  1. Amy said

    Really enjoyed Poppy’s diary! What a lovable diva! Hope there are more to come!

  2. Joelle said

    Oooh NO!!! seems I’s got competishon, Tys mine hero. We’s gonna chases away those pesky motorhooms away togever an if we’s cant chase em we’s gonna jest sit an look prity!

  3. indigodream said

    Don’t worry Willow, Ty will still sort out the motorhomes with you – Ollie won’t let Ty take Poppy from him – she’s just flirting (and Ty’s probably too dim to notice!)

  4. Yo Poppy girl!

    You sound like my kind of hound – let’s get together and do the town sometime, get a bit of clubbing in with the baaaad dogs, know what I mean?

    Loads and loads of licks


  5. indigodream said

    Sally, yah, let’s do town, soon, get your pa to text my pa and get it in the diary – can we shop before clubbing – I need to accessorise….

    See yah…

  6. Hi Poppy – Glad to see you are doing well and enjoying the attention you deserve. Love the blog – check out mine here love Nervy !

  7. indigodream said

    Thanks Clare – Poppy really appreciates your care

    If the link above doesn’t work try –

    It’s worth it – Nervy is seriously cute!

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