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Dog Blog: Poppy Puppy’s Perfectly Personal Page – Private!!

Posted by indigodream on 27 April, 2012

Saturday 14th April

Busy busy....

I was so excited when Mummy Sue said I could go boating –

“ooh” I though “lying on silk cushions on the sun-deck of a cruiser, maybe with some cool shades, cool water and maybe a few canapes – oh yah, that’s so me”

But then I saw Richard putting on his old jeans, and three jumpers and a fleece and a waterproof – what??? I thought proper boaters had more style – I mean I have to, like, live with these people, what will my fans think?

“Now Poppy” said Mummy Sue “we have a narrowboat, which everyone knows is the BEST sort of boat, and we do have a sun-deck just for greyhounds, with fluffy sheepskins – will that do?”

Well, I thought I’d, like, go and check it out – there was a sundeck! and sheepskins!!! and cool water!!! Mummy Sue had even got us loads of hot chikkin AND I had lots of luscious boys to look at and a girlie girlfriend called Miffy. Miffy is pretty and dainty just like me – we, like, really bonded – she’s got a pretty collar, just like me, a wardrobe of stylish coats, just like me, and she has a style-impaired hu-mum – just like ME! Oh, and her hu-mans are a bit scruffy too! I love Miffy – she’s my new bestest girlfriend but I haven’t decided who is my third bestest boyfriend (Ollie is my bestest boyfirend, and Ty’s my second bestest) – there’s so many to choose from – I’m such a lucky girl 🙂

Poppy Puppy’s Piccies….

Oh Eddie, get your bottom out of my photo - people want to see ME....

Do you like my new collar? I told Mummy Sue which one to buy - did you hear that she got Lou's colours all wrong - how awful!


Oh I suppose that hu-mans do have their uses.....

Me and Ollie making use of the sun deck...

But then there's Herbie - he's so handsome, we could do cuddles...

Me and Poppy working the back deck

This is Ed - he was in the Suffolk kennels at the same time as me - he is very sweet - he could woo me with some sad whines....

But Henry is such an action dog - he's in the olympic looking team and is just so hunky....

But Ed is quite dreamy....

But Ollie is my bestest boyfriend....

Ooh, is that a canape?

Ooh, are there any canapes up there?

No no no no no!!! Boys, that a 'canard' not a canape - get it right!

The deck does get so crowded - it wouldn't happen on a sunseeker - I must send Mummy Sue to get me one from the boatshow next year....

The Thames is very nice - I'd quiet like a country estate here - this one would do....

I had a run round my new country estate - it's got fresh water but are there any fun things to do, like wabbits...

Maybe Ed should be my third bestest boyfriend - we do look good together don't we?

That's my bestest girlfriend Miffy - the dainty brindle and white greyhound - we look so cool together - uh, Mr photographer, MR PHOTOGRAPHER, where's my close-up with Miffy???

My bestest boyfriend Ollie - he's got lovely ears...

Auntie Sarah, dahling, could your order the stretch limo for next time - you know, the one with the cool water bar and fridge full of fillet steak. Thanks xxx

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