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Archive for April 30th, 2012

Boat Blog: Micro-odyssey Day 4

Posted by indigodream on 30 April, 2012

Sunday 15th April

Note: Now a full fortnight behind!

Indigo Dream in Henley - with her new flagpole on display - shame it's only an old rag masquerading as a flag!

We had a lovely evening with the St Pancras Cruising Club last night – we were a bit surprised at how many boaters we knew but then I realised that although we’re not members, we’ve been cruising with them for 5 years or so – how time flies. The party was held in the listed water tower, which was moved to this site to preserve it when the new St Pancreas station was built. It is a fine structure and the view from the top, what used to be the cistern, is great. I don’t drink much nowadays but I had a fancy after a pear cider – very nice it was too! Of course, after I’d had a cider no-one could understand a word I said because I reverted to speaking at my normal i.e. Welsh, speed!

I had expected to be quite unwell the following day, but I was surprisingly fresh! I still delegated the cruising to Richard though, and enjoyed a relaxing day with the hounds. In the meantime he drove up to Henley to meet up with his sister Danusia, her husband Martin and adorable dog Polo.

They had a good cruise up through Sonning and finished the day at Goring lock – it had been my task to arrange a week’s mooring there. The lockie was exceptionally helpful – it seems that the officious lockie that we’d met at Cookham the previous week was an assistant lockie that was acting up to a full lock-keeper’s job and not enjoying the experience!

We’re so far behind with the blog that I may let the photos tell the story – unless Richard is possessed by his muse in the next few days….


Shiplake Lock

Restoration project..

I love the wealth here - see the helicopter in the garden?

That helicopter!

Rustic charm...

Not sure why there's a dummy in this field - it was one of two - an art installation maybe 🙂

This place would do for us - would have to run it past Poppy first of course!


I wonder what these are....

Flood marks - always interesting! Upstream I think the 2007 flood level tops these...

I wouldn't want to keep my boat in there!

Fine river view (1)

Fine river view (2)

Fine river view (3)


About the size of house that we could afford around here (though you'd pay extra for the flood defence i.e. being in a tree!)

Fine river view (4)

Fine river view (5)

I wonder what it's like inside this glass summerhouse? Must be too hot in the summer but on a day like today.....

I love the topiary - wish I had the patience for it....

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