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Dog Blog: Poppy Puppy’s Perfectly Personal Page – Private!!

Posted by indigodream on 7 May, 2012

Sunday 6th May

Me at the pub – I’ve had some belly pork and chips – I’m a happy hound!

Ooooh, dahlings, I’ve got news – my fabulous vet man says that I am  “in lovely condition, at last, and I’m a different dog to the one he met 9 weeks ago”

It’s taken me ages to persuade him that I’m beautiful. Mummy Sue has had to groom me, and feed me and take me to the vets and feed me some more and groom me – it’s taken, like, forever…..

Of course, this was the vet man that said “Wow Lou, you’ve got a magnificent rear end” – it’s not my fault if he likes fat-bottomed girls…

Anyway, to celebrate, Mummy Sue took me to the pub. I took number 1 boyfriend Ollie with me – I mean, Ty is very hunky, and he’s just the perfect partner for rugged country pursuits but I need more refined company for the pub….

I was a bit worried that mummy Sue was taking me to, like, a common pub, but it was a gastro-pub – ooh, gastro, like to do with food – oooh!

Mummy Sue put our nice beds down onto the pub floor and Ollie lay down straight away – he was very comfy but really he’s soooo naive – poor Ollie  just doesn’t know how to work the runway!

I stood right in the middle of the pub catwalk so that everyone who walked past had to give me a big fuss.

Everyone said I was lovely – “I know” I said and smiled my best smile and pranced a bit, which is cute….

Everyone said to Mummy Sue “you must bring Poppy back to the pub, she’s so lovely”  – mmmm – I think you should bring me back, Mummy Sue, I got some superior pork left-overs….

Oh Ollie, do make an effort, I know the bed looks comfy but you’ll never get extra fuss down there!

Ollie ate some chips – “eeeeuuuw” I said “chips! That’s a bit common….” but Ollie said I should try them and they were, like, delicious – I love chips, though Mummy Sue said I shouldn’t eat too many if I care about my figure…

“Phooey” I said “I’m so lucky, I can eat anything I like and I never put weight on”…..

“I know” sighed Mummy Sue “it’s really annoying…..”

I don’t know what she means….

Anyway, I’m a skinny catwalk model so I made bestest friends with a willowy model human who works with an airline – imagine – me, on an airline, with my cool shades and my accessories….

Except I haven’t got any accessories apart from my smart collar and my two coats – my new hu-friend said that was disgraceful, so she gave me a bling silver handbag all of my own and guess what, GUESS WHAT, the handbag was full of hot chikkin – my new bestest hu-friend had given me her dinner!!!!

I’ve decided that the pub is THE place for me – I want another silver handbag full of chikkin – it’s THE accessory – I must write to dogmopolitan magazine and let them know….


xxx Poppy Puppy

Look at my new handbag – full of chikkin! Dahlings, you simply must get one!

The vet says that me and Lou are his bestest girls – “no wonder” said mummy Sue, checking her credit card bill!

Ty is soooo hunky, but really, he doesn’t know how to work the camera – not like ME!!!

One Response to “Dog Blog: Poppy Puppy’s Perfectly Personal Page – Private!!”

  1. indigodream said

    Credit to Auntie Sarah aka Greygal for creating Dogmopolitan and Dogue – THE magazines for the fashion-conscious hound!

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