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Boat Blog: Rain stops play but not the fun….

Posted by indigodream on 9 May, 2012

Sunday 6th May

Wallingford – Sunday 6th May: Believe me, the river’s much better than it was – at least the back mooring bollards aren’t submerged any more!

We both went over to the boat today and were greatly relieved to see that the river levels had dropped substantially – Indigo Dream is no longer in danger of drifting off the mooring posts or onto the towpath – phew!

Richard was still keen to move the boat but although water levels have dropped the flow was still awesome (and still on red boards!). He thought it looked “marginal” – I told him he’d be utterly insane to risk it! The consensus was to leave her where she was and aim to cruise at the end of next week. Yellow “stream decreasing” boards are starting to emerge upstream – hopefully we’ll feel the benefit in Wallingford soon!

Of course, our cruising plans will depend almost entirely on what happens to Lou when we get her biopsy results next week. We may be calling on cruising friends for help if I need to stay at home to nurse her. She is holding her own at the moment – they managed to remove some of the tumour when they were taking the biopsy, so her breathing is a bit easier, though we have to be extremely careful with her food – she is hungry but can’t eat too much or too fast, so we’re having to hand-feed/closely supervise her meals, which are made up of well moistened, tiny tiny delicacies.

Colourful scenes at the cavalcade….

With our cruising plans scuppered, we decided we deserved a bit of fun and popped into the Little Venice Canal Cavalcade on the way home. It lifted our spirits to see the basin full of colourful narrowboats, many of whom we recognised from our travels. I was hoping to top up on my stock of patchwork trousers – they are perfect cruising attire, being very colourful,  totally eccentric and supplied with lots of useful pockets for carrying essentials along the towpath (on those rare occasions that I feel the need to operate a lock for show!). Unfortunately the usual stall wasn’t here this year, so I’ll have to patch my existing patchwork to get me through this season! We still enjoyed a browse though. We met Simon from nb Scholar Gypsy – he was psyching himself to take part in a boat-handling competition later in the afternoon. I wonder how he got on? I’ve always fancied having a go but could I stand the humiliation? 🙂

We saw many familiar boats but we realised afterwards that we’d missed nb Tortoise – moored in plain sight in the basin! It would have been lovely to catch up with Simon and Carrie. We did spot nb Doris Katia and popped in for a cup of tea with Andrew and Frances. Frances makes a very good cup of tea – a cuppa that’s made for you is always the best! We swapped tall tales and talked about the pageant – it’s scarily close now! However we’re likely to miss the Saturday rehearsal next week, though we still hope to join the flotilla at Brentford for the Sunday downstream rehearsal. We’re gutted – the Saturday trip would have been magnificent.

There were some colourful characters too!

Mind you, if we get back to London this weekend then we’ll be in place for the last rehearsal on 26th/27th – the more we learn about the event the more exciting it is. I’m very much looking forward to blogging the event – if all goes well, we will be getting a view from the water and from shore – Richard’s mum and godmother will be in one of the prime viewing spots (they were in London almost within touching distance of the royal coach during the coronation!); my cousin Denise is planning to join the fun in Battersea Park – what an event!

Note: It is now Wednesday 9th and we have had Lou’s biopsy results – they confirmed that she has a very unusual cancer – oral high grade lymphoma; it is not curable but it may be treatable to prolong her life – by maybe 9 – 12 months; without treatment we are down to weeks. We will meet with the oncologists next week to discuss her options but tough times and decisions ahead I fear.


Flooded care park in Wallingford – we think that the water may be coming from an adjacent streamlet/drainage channel rather than from the main river but the river is mighty high below the bridge….

You can see the high water mark there – scary stuff….

Why Wallingford road bridge needs 19 arches!

The prefect footpath….for labradors! We saw one earlier who just didn’t want to get our of the water – brrrrr 🙂

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