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Archive for May 12th, 2012

Dog Blog: Poppy Puppy’s Perfectly Personal Page – Private!!

Posted by indigodream on 12 May, 2012

Saturday 12th May

Oh Ollie, how could you leave me, just for a comfy place to lie down….

I’m sooooo upset – my bestest boyfriend Ollie has deserted me – he’s joined the upstairs pack! He says it’s not me (of course!) – it’s him – he just loves the 13-tog feather and down duvet that he found on the floor up there.

I mean, I told him “what’s the point of a comfy bed if you don’t have ME by your side?!”

So he said “come upstairs then – the duvet’s big enough for two!”

What, me, do stairs! I don’t DO stairs – I mean, common dogs do stairs, NOT doing stairs is what being a pedigree greyhound is all about….

Well, I was heartbroken – my Ollie, spending all his time with the chavs (cavorting hounds above stairs)…….

But then again, Ollie is such a good boy – he never does naughty but nice stuff, like rummaging and barking and stealing food, and he always goes to bed when Mummy Sue tells him to, and he doesn’t dribble on Mummy Sue’s laptop when he wants some attention (not that I dribble, of course, I salivate), and he doesn’t chew all her hairbrushes – oh, a girl could get really bored with a boyfriend like that…

When Mummy Sue is sad or bored or happy or anything really, she has chocolate, so I thought “that’s what I need”.

But now I didn’t have my number one boyfriend to get me some – tragic…..

Ooooh, I really need a hero……

“Ty dahling, could you just get me that chocolate from the table?”

“Yurss” he said, and just stretched up to get it – he’s  so tall and athletic, Ollie could never have reached that far…

“Thanks dahling” I said and settled down to take off the silver paper – oooh, Lindt extra creamy, ooh I feel better already….

Never mind, I’ll look for another boyfriend….

“Can I ‘ave sum” said Ty

“No, silly, Lindt extra creamy is just for special girls, like ME! Why don’t you have that bit of cadbury’s dairy milk that Mummy Sue forgot to take with her in her lunch box – she probably meant for you to have it – I mean, look, it’s just there on the edge of the table, why else would it be there?”

“Hokay” said Ty

Ty’s the best!

When Mummy Sue came in I told her all about my heartbreak – I mean, there was only two little pieces of chocolate in the packet – of course I was heartbroken – that’s not enough for a girlie hound like me….

For some reason mummy Sue started waailing “Where MY chocolate? Waaaahhhhhhh”

Honestly, some hu-mums are just sooooo selfish….

Here’s my hero – Ooh Ty you’re so fit….

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