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Pageant Day T-1

Posted by indigodream on 2 June, 2012

A gets his wig trimmed courtesy of Nicola…

It’s your pageant correspondent Greygal here. And it’s Pageant Day T-1 – the T standing for Terrific, of course. Because it has been a fab day…in fact, the most amazing day because, for the first time ever, my other half has grasped the concept of, wait for it….’boat cleaning’. Yes, and it’s all thanks to Richard and his orbital polisher. So that’s where I’ve been going wrong all these years – offering A a duster when he could have had a gadget! You should have seen it – as soon as he was plugged in, he was away, buffing the Indigo Dream to within an inch of its life. In fact, A has been very industrious – hanging the bunting and putting up the flagpoles this morning, while I put it about a bit amongst my fellow boaters handing out CRT bunting. Indeed, most of the boats are looking very fine as I type – gleaming and decorated and generally fit for a queen, and it is nice to see so many getting into the spirit and making an effort. We’ve certainly been rewarded with some very enthusiastic crowds, and the historic boats located the other side of the footbridge have been particularly busy. However, we trumped everyone when Sue’s cousin Denise decided to don the Greyhound Homer suit that we have tomorrow for the big day. Cue lots of children staring in wonderment at the big furry dog with the shiny nose, and equally as many adults coming up to ask about greyhounds or to tell us how much they liked them. Interestingly, we haven’t had one womble comment but then again, I have been providing some explanatory text via my chest.

…ably assisted by rescue dog Bella

In other news…A popped in to the Floating Salon – – and had his wig trimmed by the delightful Nicola Dawkins, ably assisted by rescue dog Bella. What a wonderful floating enterprise and do look out for them in London over the next few months.

Steve and Margaret turned up at lunchtime and joined us for a bit of chow at Wagamama, where cousin Denise, husband Wyn and son Rodhri found us for some hot noodle action. Everyone then returned to the good ship ID and swung into action with washing, cleaning and polishing, although I seemed mainly to be doing talking. Mmm, that’s a surprise. We’re now just waiting for the Herbies who will be leaving Crick in the middle of the night to get here in time to sort their accreditations and join the boat ahead of the scheduled lock-loading at 7.30.

Sue is arriving in about an hour but her late arrival means that Richard and I are off shopping, which is just a recipe for lots of naughty things with no nutritional value in them whatsoever, apart maybe from bacon. The eatathon continues tonight with a trip to the Greek place adjacent to the boat so we can just roll our stomachs onto the back deck – A and I were short-sighted enough to have a large Thai meal last night, I had the Cruising Association dinner the night before, and an Indian before that, so no wonder that my belt has gone out a notch. I shall be writing a stiff letter to Her Maj blaming her squarely for my recent weight gain – the excuse ‘it’s not every day you get to celebrate a diamond jubilee’ has been the perfect diet breaker. I’ve promised myself short commons from Monday morning so obviously I will need to eat every temptation on board between now and Sunday night.

Got to go – there’s an M&S Food trolley with my name on it.

Day’s Photoblog:

Lots of bunting and elbow grease

Homer has a disembodied moment

Homer gets some practice in for the formation narrowboating

Homer covers his head in shame when he’s outed for not having Pageant accreditation – ‘woof, the bracelet wouldn’t fit my doggie wrist’

Homer must look his best for the queen

The narrowboaters can be very proud of their magnificent showing

Brainwash them while they’re young – yes, you do want a greyhound

Homer did a great job with the crowds but how we wish we could have had a few live representatives on show too

Passers-by were soon cultivating the Homer stare

A contemplates Steve’s head as his next project

Greygal (in patriotic bandana) bores for Britain about greyhounds

One Response to “Pageant Day T-1”

  1. Anne Winwood said

    I try not to comment and intrude, not being NB owner (I only discovered them a bit late in life;-)) – Have a wonderful day tomorrow, ID crew – I will be waving and yelling from around Hammersmith with my little rat dogs in tow. BTW, with all the food that has been consumed, I presume you’ve had a pump-out (apologies for being lavatorial, but these things do matter!)…of course you are all too professional to ignore these important chores……………have terrifc, memorable day and enjoy every minute – I know you will. Ax

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