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Boat Blog: Jubilee Day (2)

Posted by indigodream on 3 June, 2012

Sunday 3rd June – 9.15am

40 narrowboats rafted up in West India Lock was a colourful sight – and atmospheric too! The President’s steam, the mist and old cranes overlooking the lock made it seem like a Turner paining – moody and dramatic.

The drop onto the river was certainly dramatic – a full 5 metres (around 15 feet in old money) but there was no drama – even as we entered the bumpy tideway at 8.30am. We thought we were in for a rough ride, but no sooner were we turned upriver than the waters calmed. We’ve actually had the quietest passage around the Isle of Dogs ever. I wonder whether this is the effect of having the barrier closed and no tide running.

This meant that we could enjoy the passage past enormous cruise ship “Discovery”, moored on the buoys at Greenwich. As we passed by, the great ship blew its mellow horn in salute and the lucky passengers waved us by. The narrowboats responded to the salute with their own horns but they weren’t quite as loud! There are already people on their riverside balconies to watch us go by. This has been very helpful as the crew is able to warm up their waving muscles ready for the main event!

At 9.30am we passed the notorious “Prospect of Whitby” pub – site of many a dark deed and probably witness to the last big big flotilla on the river 350+ years ago….

We’re now going past the avenue of sail – hands are waving, horns are blowing – there’s already a great atmosphere on the river, despite the weather!

One Response to “Boat Blog: Jubilee Day (2)”

  1. Hello, we were on the Mr David and I have several photos of your boat, so if you send me your email address I will forward the photos on to you. What a great time. I being a passenger did not have the full wet gear and froze dripping wet but kept waving as I feel the crowds deserved it. A brilliant day we will never forget with over 700 photos to boot.

    Richard Drew

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